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Loft Ladders

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Sturdy, slip-proof and easy to stow away with their clever folding mechanisms, a quality loft ladder allows you to safely access your storage space or check on your loft insulation and water tank. With sleek designs available in durable aluminium or timber, our loft ladders are the perfect access solution for those hard-to-reach spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover what treasures are hidden in your roof or transform your attic into a usable space with the help of a loft ladder.

Are loft ladders easy to install?

Some of our loft ladders come complete with trap door and all mechanism parts, so you can be sure that you'll achieve a perfect fit. Specific installation instructions will vary between model and manufacturer, so always check the details before you get stuck in. Generally speaking, installing a loft ladder is an easy DIY task, achievable in less than two hours. Most styles are fixed through a trap door, with the length of the ladder folding neatly out the way when not in use. Our loft ladders include comprehensive instructions that will walk you through each step.

How tall should a loft ladder be?

Typically, a loft ladder should be between 2.5 and 3.5 metres tall - you'll be able to find this information in the product description. Ceiling heights do vary, so it's always worth measuring yours to double check before you make a purchase.

What is the safest loft ladder?

To ensure your safety, a well-designed loft ladder will always include a few smart precautions. Whether you’re dusting off the Christmas decorations, storing away nostalgic items or even renovating the space, these fold-away designs make the climb much safer and easier. Our loft ladders come with a range of handy features, including handrails for stability, spring-assisted fixtures so they simple to get down, and slip-safe rungs.

We have timber and metal designs to fit standard hatches, as well as insulated loft doors if you’re planning to move your access point to another room.

Browse our range of ladders and collect from your nearest store, ready for your next venture into the  rafters.