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Weed Control Fabric

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Weed control fabric shields shrubs, seedlings and bedding plants from invasive weeds, while still letting thirsty roots soak up all the essential nutrients plants need to flourish. From growing frames to garden netting, using the right plant protection will create a sheltered environment that’s ripe for growth.

Designed to protect plants from pesky invasive species and prevent pests, these hardy plant protection accessories will help your garden flourish. We stock easy-to-fit fleece jackets in a range of sizes, protective polytunnels, as well as metre-long weed control fabric rolls. Weed control fabric can be cut and shaped to fit your specific needs - no matter the size of your beds or borders. A tough weed control fabric membrane can be laid on beds, borders, under gravel and bark chippings to stops sprouting weeds in their tracks. Many of our liners come with a guarantee, keeping your borders neat and tidy season after season. While weed liners are a preventative measure, they can also be used in conjunction with weed killer to tackle any existing weeds. 

When colder weather comes around, young plants and specialist shrubs can struggle. Whether it's the depths of winter or unexpected late spring frosts are threatening your blossoming fruit trees, a protective fleece jacket or fabric layer will keep foliage and new growth frost-free.

Find everything you need for a healthy, happy garden with plant protection supplies from Homebase.