Candles and Candle Holders

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Make your house a home with candles, candle holders and reed diffusers from Homebase. Perfect for creating that warm and welcoming glow and filling the room with a gorgeous aroma. Discover the collection today.

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Light up your home with the Homebase range of candles, candle holders and tea lights.

Enjoy a great smelling room and the soft glow of candlelight when you feel like relaxing the most. Our range of boxed and tinned candles make great gifts and are perfect for dotting around your home. Whether you prefer cherry scents or citrus tones, we offer a wide range of fragrances to suit every space. Tea light candles – both scented and unscented - are great to have in the cupboard, ready to light around the bath for a romantic soak or even to help out during a power cut. If candles aren’t your preferred choice, we also offer reed diffusers that look pretty on shelves and can be left all day to disperse your favourite scent.

Add a burst of fragrance and style to your living space - find the perfect candles and holders in our range.