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10 Green Paint Ideas

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A truly refreshing way to bring a sense of vitality and balance to any room, green paint has already seen a sharp increase in popularity and is set to continue throughout 2022. Whether you’re looking for green paint ideas for your kitchen, or how to use it in your living room or hallway, we’ve put together some tips on what shades to choose and how to style it.  

Discover how to make a statement and transform your home with green paint. 


1. Green paint living room ideas  

Your living room is the perfect place to try colour blocking with green paint. 

A simple and effective way to introduce an air of richness and sophistication into your living room, we recommend using a green paint with grey pigments – only three quarters of the way up your walls.  

This is a fantastic way to add a subtle hint of green paint to your space, without fully committing to the technicolour life. Then, carry on painting the top border of your living room a complimentary off-white paint.  

Another way to add green paint to your living room is to paint your chimney breast, or ceiling if you’re feeling brave enough!  

Gone are the days it’s about making your space feel bright and airy. With a painted green ceiling in your living room, you’ll create the ultimate luxurious-looking space.  


 2. Refresh your kitchen with sage green paint 

A great home design idea is using sage green in the kitchen.  

Perfect for a fresh and organic feel, a sage green kitchen is an ideal way to breathe life into your home.  

Painting your kitchen walls or cabinets with sage green paint and pairing it with an off-white hue and wooden flooring is a beautiful way to achieve a clean look that is reminiscent of nature. 


 3. Green for north-facing rooms 

Embrace the moody feel of a darker, north-facing room with a vibrant and rich shade of green paint or wallpaper 

A darker shade will prevent it from looking washed out by the room’s lack of daylight. Plus, rather than looking garish, dark green paint thrives in darker rooms, creating an elegant, cosy feeling.  

You could paint the whole room green or add a feature wall with some painted green panelling. 

If you decide to paint every wall, why not take it that little bit further and paint the skirting boards too. 

Top tip: You can find out how to panel a wall here. 


4. Create a boho feel  

A home design idea that never goes out of style is boho. For the ultimate laid-back atmosphere, you can’t create boho without the help of green paint. 

With a mix of green and brown paints as the central colour palette, you can be more creative with your furnishings. 

Add large plants, different textures with the help of a rug and some cushions, a showstopping chandelier and rustic brown tones with a wooden floor 

Top tip: Light some candles or set off a room diffuser to indulge the senses as well.  


5. Contrast dark green paint with a stark white  

When it comes to striking green paint ideas, contrasting it with white is a great option that’s sure to make an impact.  

This works particularly well in your kitchen – you can pair dark green kitchen cabinets with crisp, white walls.  

You can even try this out if you have a small kitchen. The white paint balances out the rich shade with the light and dark contrast. When paired with industrial light fixtures from our EGLO range and a wooden dining table, you’ll create a cool and rustic touch.  

Top tip: Bring even more contrast into the room with white tiles and a stunning while marble worktop  


6. Use mineral shades of green for relaxation  

Think tranquil waters, blissful meadows, and serotonin-filled blue skies. For that perfect Pinterest look, a mint green shade matched with a blue-sky palette makes for a nature-nourishing colour story that feels like a breath of fresh air.  

Add touches of white, mirrors, dark wood accents, and lots of soft furnishings for an elegantly earthly look that’s right on trend. This green paint idea works flawlessly in a bedroom. 

However, a soft green hallway is a brilliant way to create a bright and clean home entrance – and not one that many others will have!  


7. Play with tiles  

If you’re ready for a playful approach to colour, use our Maison Déco green tile paint to breathe new life into those tired-looking tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.  

For an added touch of luxury, pair your new Maison Déco Forest Green or Sage tiles with black taps and fixtures, black wire storage baskets and a few succulents. Not only will succulents add another green accent to the mix, but they also provide health benefits such as regulating the humidity of the room and purifying the air. 

Top tip: For a total tile refresh, check out our selection of green tiles here. 


8. Add gold finishes  

Fancy living like royalty? Then go for gold. The decadent colourway of the season is the green and gold pairing, as together they create an ambience that is nothing short of magical.  

Whether the gold is added with door handles or a lamp in the living room, a shower mixer in the bathroom or even light switches – it’s up to you. Copper or rust effect paint can also be used to create metallic accents.  

Top tip: Stick to deeper green tones for the glamorous look, as they work best with metallic tones.  


9. Include pops of pink  

When it comes to creating the ultimate statement with green paint, pink and green are the opposites that attract!  

A stunning pink accent chair, plant pots, fleece throw or cushions are the perfect way to add a contemporary vibe to a bedroom. For a touch of millennial glam, brass highlights are the way to go, as they’ll pick up the light beautifully and prevent the room from feeling flat.  


10. Accessorise with plants  

Green paint colours are quickly making their way into the bedroom. 

This is because colours of green can help turn your sleeping quarter into a serene, relaxation station with plenty of foliage.  

Focus on more muted greens and beige tones. Then use various indoor plants of different heights and textures to create a fresh, laid-back look. Don’t forget to add a touch of personality with funky plant pots or baskets.   

If you want a seamless feel, paint any fitted furniture the same shade of green as the walls to create a continuation of your space. 

Top tip: Prints and cushions are a fantastic way to also bring in some natural textures. 

And those are our green paint interior design ideas! Let us know which one was your favourite and don’t forget to share your creations with us @Homebase_UK on Instagram. If you’re eager for more decorating ideas, discover more Ideas & Advice content here 



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