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Dark Bedroom Ideas

dark bedroom ideas

Whether you’re looking to create an air of country hotel grandeur with wood panelling or bring the outside in with a botanic-inspired dark green bedroom, experimenting with darker colours can transform the feel of your sleeping space. From feature walls to tonal accent colours, dark interiors are classic and work well in the calming surrounds of a bedroom. 

Discover new ways to transform your sleeping space with our dark bedroom ideas.

Our favourite dark bedroom ideas:

Make a feature of it

It can be hard to know where to begin when moving over to the darker side of interiors. If you’re toying with dark bedroom ideas but don’t want to go all out, a feature wall is an excellent place to start. They’re a great option for bedrooms with less natural light, as a grey or dark blue bedroom feature wall against classic white paint will keep the room feeling bright and spacious. 

A feature wall with a contrasting paint colour or wallpaper design to the rest of the room creates a chic focal point. To build depth, the contrasting colour can be carried throughout the rest of the room with the addition of coordinating soft furnishings and a plush rug. 

A wood panelling bedroom for contemporary grandeur

Deep colours and panelled walls are a classic combination, reminiscent of a country house hotel. You can recreate this look in your own bedroom with the addition of wood panelling. 

For the classic look, you can’t go wrong with grey shaker wall panelling. If you’re after a more contemporary feel, try deep teal or navy tongue and groove panels. 

Panel the lower half of your walls and paint the upper half in a lighter shade for a modern take on the traditional. Opt for an off-white or light contrasting colour above your dark panelling to make a stylish statement. 

If you need colour inspiration, a navy or dark green and blush pink bedroom is a contemporary approach to the traditional dark wood and deep red look. 

Top tip: If a wood panelling bedroom takes your fancy, our cladding buying guide and advice on how to panel a wall will help you to achieve a perfect finish. 

Bring the outside in with botanical greens

Use botanical green wallpaper to introduce darker colours into your sleeping space. 

Opt for a papered feature wall and pine green paint, or surround yourself with lush foliage and take a palm printed paper across all four walls. 

For the finishing touch, add a few houseplants to any nature-inspired interior.  

Top Tip: If you need some green-fingered inspiration, explore our quirky shelving options for houseplants. 

Experiment with creative lighting

Playing with light and shadow is key when it comes to designing dark interiors. 

A warm bedside lamp will keep a dark bedroom feeling inviting and homely, while a statement floor lamp in the corner will create a new focal point. For the ultimate cosy boudoir, add a stylish reading chair next to your floor lamp to make use of corner space that’s often wasted. 

When planning lighting options, consider using vintage-looking filament bulbs, as they make for an eclectic finishing touch. 

Top Tip: Illuminate your bedroom with a little help from our lighting buying guide. 

Accessorise with plush textures

Transform your dark bedroom into a serene and calming retreat with the addition of luxurious soft furnishings. Contrast is key when it comes to making a space feel inviting. Think plush throws, cosy rugs and jewel-toned cushions. 

By keeping colours tonal, you can use a variety of shapes and textures without the room appearing cluttered.  A scattering of cushions over the bed adds instant luxury. Choose a variety of shapes in deep tonal shades with a blush pink or pale grey for added softness.  

A throw isn’t only useful on colder nights but is a perfect finishing touch for any dark bedroom. Opt for a colour that contrasts with your darker walls or bedding. If you have the available floorspace, adding a rug will also help to create a plush and cosy atmosphere. 

Create depth and contrast with mirrors

A statement mirror placed on a dark wall draws the eye in and creates the illusion of added space and light, something that’s important to consider when planning your dark bedroom. A geometric mirror hung on the wall opposite a window will emphasise natural light and create an alluring contrast against dark paint or wallpaper. 

If you’re inspired by a botanical themed dark green bedroom, then opting for a window pane mirror will further the feeling of bringing the outside in. 

And those are our favourite dark bedroom ideas! Whether you opt for a leafy dark green bedroom or a contemporary feature wall, share your creations with us on Instagram. For more interior ideas, check out our home inspiration hub.

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