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Lining & Printable Wallpaper

Lining wallpaper provides a smooth base for wall decoration, while paintable wallpaper offers a customisable canvas for adding colour and texture to your walls. Both are essential tools for transforming your living spaces. Lining wallpaper, also known as backing wallpaper, is applied before wallpaper or paint to give the wall a even surface. Lining wallpaper is available in different grades of thickness which can act as insulation to keep your home well heated and help you save on energy bills. If you're unsure which wallpaper might be best for you, visit our wallpaper buying guide.

Paintable textured wallpaper is a versatile choice for adding depth and character to your walls. It allows you to personalise your space with colours and textures of your choice. Whether you prefer a modern or plain look, paintable wallpaper is an excellent option for customisation. Additionally, you can find brown vinyl wallpaper that combines style and durability. Wallpaper you can paint offers endless possibilities for creating a unique and appealing atmosphere in your home. For wallpaper trends this year, visit our blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lining paper?

Lining paper is a wall covering designed to prepare your wall for decoration prior to applying your chosen wallpaper or paint.

Can you paint lining paper?

Yep, you can definitely paint lining paper. In fact, decorators will often hang plain white lining paper to paint over, as it gives them a smoother surface to work with. Make sure you hang your wall lining paper vertically to make painting simpler. Wait at least 24 hours after hanging your lining paper before applying a coat of paint.

Can you put lining paper over wallpaper?

Yes, there is no problem with hanging lining wallpaper over existing wallpaper. However, you should check that the wallpaper is in good condition. Also check whether the wallpaper is darker than your lining paper, as the colour will show through if this is the case.

Can you wallpaper over painted lining paper?

As long as your painted lining paper is in good condition, there should be no problem with papering over it. However, if the tone of your painted lining paper is darker than your new wallpaper, the colour may show through.

Can you wallpaper over lining paper?

You will be glad to know that wall lining paper is specifically designed for you to wallpaper or paint over. Thick lining paper covers up imperfections, giving you a smooth surface to work with. It can also act as wallpaper insulation.

Do you need to size lining paper before wallpapering?

Absolutely. It's important to measure the square footage of your lining paper to make sure it will fit your wall. It is also key to measure the wall with a measuring tape beforehand to make sure you purchase enough lining paper.

How do you apply lining paper?

To apply lining paper correctly, follow the steps below. For the list of tools needed for this process visit our buying guide for wallpaper tools.

1. Check what grade of lining paper you require. Thick lining paper grades at around 2,000, while the thinnest grades at around 800. Your choice should depend on the condition of the walls and whether there are any cracks or other imperfections that need to be covered up.

2. Be mindful when choosing your wall lining paper, as you will want to make sure you have enough to fit your walls. Depending on what brand you choose, you may need to apply wallpaper paste to the paper or to the wall itself. A paint roller is the best tool for this process.

3. Once the lengths are measured and cut, it's time to apply your lining wallpaper. Allow it to overlap onto adjacent walls by around 50mm. Don't worry if it overlaps onto the ceiling, as this can be trimmed off.

4. Create a perfect crease in the corners by using a wallpaper smoother.

5. Once this is done, peel the lining paper back and cut along the overlap so there is none in any of the corners.

How do you hang thermal lining paper?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to hang thermal lining paper:

1. Start by preparing a clean, dry wall. Measure and cut the paper to fit, considering its thickness.

2. Apply adhesive generously, and hang the paper, smoothing out air bubbles and wrinkles for the best finish.

3. Overlap seams slightly, trim excess paper, and ensure it dries fully before painting or applying wallpaper.

This straightforward process, ensures optimal insulation, making your home more energy efficient. You can also learn more by reading our blog on how to hang wallpaper.

Does lining paper insulate?

Yes lining paper provides insulation, as long as you use insulated lining paper. It ensures basic protection against mould and condensation too.

Does insulating lining paper work?

Insulating wallpaper can provide limited thermal insulation, but it's not as effective as traditional insulation materials like fiberglass. Its performance depends on factors like quality and thickness. It might offer some benefits, especially in milder climates, but its effectiveness varies.