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Gardening Jobs For March

Keeping on top of jobs in your outdoor space through March will not only keep it neat and tidy but you can plant to maintain interest through this season.

Top gardening jobs this month

Easy Growing

Step 1. Prepare it, plant and sow it

Plant summer bulbs and sow seeds of flowers, vegetables and bedding plants. Chit potato tubers ready for planting out for an early crop. Top up planted containers with new compost.

Transfer any over-wintered seedlings into in pots and place in a cold frame. Prepare raised beds for a vegetable patch and dig over beds and borders.

Prune roses and dead wood from dormant shrubs. Prune gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes by one-third of growth. Cut primocane raspberries and blackberries to ground level and tie in summer fruiting raspberries.

Step 2. Feed it

Dig nutrients into the soil with fertiliser such as Chicken manure pellets, Bone meal, Fish, Blood & Bone or Growmore.

When planted, feed regularly with liquid plant food once actively growing.

Step 3. Protect it

Protect against pests such as slugs and other bugs.

When growing plants may need support such as an obelisk and as the weather may still be cold protect and cover them with fleece or cloches to avoid frost damage.

Lawns Made Easy

Step 1. Prepare it

Start with a general clear up by removing leaves and weeds.

Aerate and scarify to encourage drainage and new shoots whilst removing moss.

Pay attention to compacted areas when aerating to loosen soil to improve air flow to roots

Step 2. Seed & feed it

Assess patches and sow new grass seed. Worn or shady areas may need more preparation before sowing fresh seed.

Feed and protect your lawn to keep it lush and healthy by using a spring granular feed such as Safelawn

Step 3. Mow & water it

Keep your lawn tidy by mowing regularly on mild and dry days, and as the weather gets warmer, water regularly if there is no rain. For the first cut make sure your lawnmower is on a high setting.

Spring Clean

Step 1. Prepare it

Start with a general clear up by removing leaves and weeds from paths, patios and borders.

Step 2. Clean it

Clean your patios now, removing moss and algae to be able to show off in the Summer. Clean garden furniture with Resolva Xtra Clean to clear away any winter debris.

Step 3. Tidy it

Add some additional storage to re-organise your space ready to entertain.

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