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Oil Filled Radiators

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Energy-efficient, portable and super versatile, our wide range of oil filled radiators has been designed with the modern home in mind. Great for retaining heat and with a fully controllable temperature system, oil radiators offer a flexible and economical solution. Ranging from sleek wall mounted radiators for permanent use to portable and miniature models, discover the perfect fit for your home - whatever your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

Portable and a far cry from clunky designs of the past, oil filled radiators are a great home heating solution in particularly cold weather or when you want to heat a single room without switching on the central heating.

Oil filled radiators are brilliant at retaining heat and will continue to emit heat once switched off - this is because the thermal oil cools down very slowly.

These portable radiators are electrically heated - meaning that no oil is burned during use. Oil filled radiators are a popular choice for heating small rooms, and are a great option if you're looking for a heater that warms up quickly.

For more tips on finding the perfect heater, take a look at our heater buying guide.

How much do oil-filled radiators cost to run?

Oil filled radiators are a very energy-efficient way to heat your home. As the oil is a great retainer of heat, they remain warm for a while, even once they've been switched off at the socket. What's more, if you are spending time in one room of the house, such as a home office or living room, using an oil-filled radiator is far more efficient than heating the whole home with your central heating system. All of these factors mean that oil filled radiators are very cost-effective to run.

What is the disadvantage of an oil filled radiator?

While they can produce ample amounts of heat over long periods, oil filled radiators can take longer to heat up. However, once warm they will stay that way for longer. Due to their hot-to-touch and portable nature, oil filled radiators may also need to be kept out of reach of very young and inquisitive children.

How do oil-filled radiators work?

Oil radiators contain a reservoir of heat-conducting oil and an electrical element (usually a wire coil), which is submerged in the oil chamber. When your oil-filled radiator is plugged in to your mains electricity supply and turned on, the electric element starts to heat up. The heat from the element is transferred to the surrounding thermal oil, which is an excellent conductor. This warmth is then radiated out into the room, heating you and your home up.