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Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas

small bathroom

A bigger bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean a better one. With the help of our small bathroom makeover ideas, you can transform your bathroom into a sophisticated and contemporary space.

The best way to create the illusion of space is by being smart with your design ideas. A small bathroom should be both practical and stylish.

We’ve put together this inspirational guide of small bathroom makeover ideas, so you can make the most of your space.


Before you start 

Read our DIY Safety Tips guide. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using power tools and make sure the room is well ventilated when painting. Here are our small bathroom ideas:


Reduce the decorations

wall cabinets

Although decorative items make a space feel homely, clutter can cause a small bathroom to seem even smaller – so stick to items that have a functional value.

Use similar materials, colours and tones throughout your bathroom, avoid clashing prints and textures, as it can make a small space feel chaotic.

Opt for large, plain floor tiles to open up the floor space – check out our 600 x 300mm or 450 x 450mm options. Steer clear of bold patterns and bright colours, and go for clean lines that will create a minimalistic design scheme instead. If possible, use the same tiles on your wall, or tiles of a similar colour.

Top tip: Having the individual elements of your bathroom the same colour will provide a spacious feel in the same way an infinity pool works when the pool meets the sea on the horizon.


Think about your colour scheme

white bathroom

One of the best small bathroom ideas is to use lighter, neutral bathroom paint colours – such as whites, off-whites, pale blues and greens, as they create a crisp, clean ambience that brightens up a room. Stick to cooler tones, as their colour frequencies hit our senses slower, giving the illusion of more space.

The same goes for bathroom cabinets, vanity units and toilet units – keep everything the same colour to create a spacious illusion.

If you want to renew your bathroom without having to replace your tiles, benchtops or cupboards, use our Maison Déco Bathroom Refresh Paint to give your space an update. Easy to apply and available in 10 contemporary colours, the unique formula has been specially designed to update surfaces in heavy-use wet environments.

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Top tip: When giving your small bathroom a makeover, put some time aside to paint your ceiling the brightest white paint colour you can find. This will trick the eye into adding depth and really help to freshen up the space.

Reflect light

large bathroom mirror

Be stylish yet savvy with your small bathroom ideas. Install a walk-in shower with frameless panels for a ‘barely-there’ look.

Mirrors are key to making a small bathroom feel bigger, as they will reflect the light around the room. You can use mirror tiles or a large frameless option to create a luxurious looking feature wall that will make your small bathroom feel twice as big.

Top tip: Illuminated mirrors are another option to amplify the light within your bathroom.





Use the walls

Utilising the walls is a great space-saving solution for small bathrooms. Wall-mounted sinks and cabinets are easy to clean around and they don’t take up any floor space.

Mirrored bathroom wall cabinets will provide extra storage, while also doubling up as a vanity for applying makeup, doing skincare and shaving. Plus, don’t forget the benefits of mirrors we mentioned earlier!

Bathroom wall shelves are handy for holding essentials like towels and your favourite shower products. When it comes to being clever with small bathroom makeovers, wall-mounted mixer taps are a must – as the pipework can be hidden without the need for a bulky basin pedestal.


Clever storage solutions

bathroom vanity

Opting for a bathroom vanity unit with concealed storage will maximise your space, while still looking modern and contemporary.

A floor standing cabinet is another piece of bathroom furniture that combines style and function. These make great use of your available floor to ceiling space and keep clutter hidden.

Top tip: The key to making a small space feel bigger is to keep it organised!


And those are our ideas for a small bathroom makeover! Don’t forget to share your favourite small bathroom ideas with us on Instagram and tag us @homebase_uk. If you’re looking for more bathroom inspiration, check out our other guides here.



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