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How To Choose the Best Bird Feeder

bird feeders for birds

If you want to bring a little life to your garden, you’ve come to the right place. From seed feeders to ground feeders, the best way to encourage the UK’s wild birds to stop by for a snack in your garden, is with a well-filled bird feeder. Let us help you choose the best bird feeder for you.

To find out more about how to make your garden more attractive to wildlife, check out our How to create a wildlife friendly garden guide.

Once you’ve decided the best bird feeder for your garden, we’ve  got a range of accessories that can help to make it even better. Discover our full range here or pop into your nearest store today.

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  1. bird feeding from traditional bird feeder
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    Traditional Bird Feeders

    From nuts to seeds, traditional feeders are the easiest (and cheapest) starting point for adding a bird feeder to your garden.

    Sometimes called nibble feeders, they’re usually tube shaped with a hole and platform towards the bottom, which  allows birds of all sizes to perch and peck away at the packed interior inside. But be warned, traditional feeders make it easy for squirrels to gobble it all up too.

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  2. bird feeder attached to window
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    Mini Bird Feeders

    Similar in design to traditional feeders, mini feeders are perfect for smaller gardens or outdoor spaces,  like a porch or roof corner, thanks to their smaller size. Plus, with a mini feeder – you’re more likely to attract smaller birds too.

    Just keep in mind that they will need filling more often than their larger counterparts – after all, you wouldn’t want your birds going hungry.

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    Squirrel-proof Bird Feeders

    Preventing your bird feed from being stolen by hungry squirrels requires the right kind of feeder.

    There are many different designs but the best squirrel proof bird feeders have the same features – either a weight measure to close the feeding hole or smaller shapes with a wire cage. Now, you can keep your feed safe for the birds that need it.

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    Box Bird Feeder

    Often available in eye-catching, decorative designs – box feeders can add a stylish twist to your garden, while also staying functional for the wildlife too.

    Hung from heavy duty cord, the box is traditionally filled from the top – collecting in a wide tray at the bottom for easy bird access. It doesn’t drain naturally though, so be sure to empty out any captured rainwater.

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    Ground Bird Feeder

    If you want to welcome every type of bird into your garden with ease, there’s no better way to do it than with a ground feeder. Usually constructed from treated timber, they’re solid, long-lasting and the perfect height for birds of all sizes to feed from.  If you’re lucky, they can sometimes attract other local wildlife as well.

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    Mealworm Bird Feeders

    As high energy bird foods go, it doesn’t get much better for many birds than mealworms.

    Typically available live or dried, you’ll need a sturdy bowl or wire-based mealworm feeder to serve them in, but the birds are sure to love them. If you do opt for a mealworm feeder – keep your eyes peeled for robins, as they love mealworms more than any other bird.

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  7. Ready to go bird feeders
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    Pre-filled Bird Feeders

    From suet to sunflower hearts and fat balls, we also have a range of bird feeders that come pre-filled and ready to use. That way, you can skip the hassle of filling them yourself – just hang them up and enjoy watching the birds feed. Once they’re empty, they can be refilled as many times as you like.

    If you would prefer to make your own bird box, we have a how to guide you can follow here.

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