Christmas Countdown Checklist

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The Christmas countdown is well under way. With lots of preparations still to consider, we’re here to help ensure the days leading up to it – and the day itself – run smoothly.

Using our Christmas checklist, tick off the essentials one by one for the perfect stress-free day!

To download a print-at-home version, click here.

Christmas Countdown Checklist

One week to go…

1. Deep clean the house

Roll up your sleeves, throw on the Christmas tunes and get cleaning!

From your oven to your guest bedroom, you want everything to look its best for the big day.

Take a look at our oven cleaning guide and some of these quick and easy guest bedroom decorating ideas for inspiration.


2. Complete a gift check and wrap your presents

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten someone on your list! We’ve got plenty of Christmas gift ideas, with some available for Click and Collect.

Discover our Gift Ideas.

3. Make a fresh food shopping list

Don’t forget to note all the Christmas essentials like ice cream for desserts, ice for drinks, and healthy snacks so the little ones don’t ruin their dinner!


4. Stock up on batteries

Don’t be caught short on the day – lots of AA and AAA batteries are an essential when it comes to Christmas day. Extension leads are also bound to come handy.


5. Take stock of your dishes and glasses

Check you’ve got enough serving platters, plates and glasses for your guests!

If you’re in need of a few more, why not treat yourself to our exclusive House Beautiful Homeware range?

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Three days to go…

1. Shop for groceries

With time running short and queues growing long, now is the perfect time to shop for your perishable goods.

Top tip: Make things easy for yourself on Christmas Eve by picking up some party food that won’t require too much preparation.


2. Put together a Christmas day timeline

Even though the kids are up from the crack of dawn to see if Santa has arrived, Christmas day will be over in a flash!

If you’re someone who likes to visit family and friends throughout the day, it’s important you put together sensible timeframes that give you enough time to catch up with loved ones and travel to and from different homes safely.


3. Organise your cooking times

Nobody likes dry turkey or burnt sprouts. Have all your recipes to hand and organise your timings carefully – don’t forget to call upon Alexa’s timekeeping skills for help!


4. Pack an Emergency Car Kit for journeys to visit family

After only minimal travelling being allowed last year, there are lots of missed memories to make up for!

But, travelling in the wet or snow can be risky business. Check out our Winter Car Care Guide to make sure you’re not left by the roadside, while the rest of the family are by the fireplace.


5. Make your Christmas Eve boxes

A new tradition that is a great way for giving loved ones a taste of what’s to come.

Whether you want to create one for your gardening lovers or the DIY have-a-goers, you can discover our themed box ideas here.

Two days to go…

1. Complete a quick garden tidy-up

Is Santa due to bring any bicycles? Or maybe a trampoline or climbing frame? Whatever the weather, we know your little ones will want to get outside and enjoy their new presents! Make sure you’ve brushed away any wet leaves and debris that could cause an accident.


2. Bake cookies for Santa

A Christmas essential! The least you can do for Santa is make some homemade goodies for him and his reindeer.

You can bake cookies with as little as three ingredients. For 12 cookies, you’ll need:

  • 100g + 2 tbsp of salted butter
  • 70g sugar
  • 120g of plain flour

Simply mix your ingredients in a large bowl and form them into small cookie balls, before placing into a preheated oven at 180-degrees for 15-17 minutes.

If you’re short on Bakeware, we’ve got you covered.

Christmas Eve…

1. Set your Christmas table

It’s the most important meal of the year, so you want to ensure you get it just right!

If you need some inspiration for your Christmas table settings, check out how Instagram influencer Melanie Lissack is decorating hers.

View Christmas table ideas

2. Start prepping your dinner

There will be plenty of dishes that are safe to rest for a few days, such as your cold starters. Take anything out of the freezer that needs time to defrost and get a head start on pre-cooking your roast meats.


3. Get ready for Santa!

Get those cosy pyjamas on and hit play on your favourite festive movie. Now you’ve ticked off everything on your Christmas Checklist, it’s time to relax and enjoy the festivities.


And that’s our Christmas countdown list complete!



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