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Shed Organisation and Storage Ideas

Whether it’s a space for your DIY projects or it’s where you house your tools, garden sheds play a huge role when it comes to outdoor storage. If you’re struggling to keep the contents of your shed under control, check out our top garden shed organisation ideas to maximise the storage potential, organise the chaos and create a workshop space you can be proud of. 

Install floating shelves 

Utilising wall space is a great way to maximise your garden shed’s storage space. Not only will floating shelves offer space to store smaller tools and equipment, but they remove clutter from the floor, leaving your shed feeling much more spacious.  

For a stylish, rustic look, why not use pipe brackets? They’re super sturdy, versatile and offer a timeless, industrial feel to your garden shed storage. 

Top tip: Not quite the shed organisation look you’re going for? Make the shelves your own by spray painting the pipe brackets in a colour of your choice. 

Hang tools and equipment with hooks 

To maximise your space even further, hooks are a handy addition to keep your tools and equipment in order. 

From paint brushes and loose cords, garden loppers and shovels, hooks allow you to hang tools and display them in an organised fashion against the wall, whatever their size. With enough space, you can even store your wheelbarrow on the wall! 

Not only will this reduce the chance of tools getting damaged piled on the floor, they will be more accessible, saving you time trying to find the equipment you need! 

Maximise the storage on your shed doors 

Another great garden shed organisation tip is to maximise every inch of space you can, including the back of your shed doors!  

Whether you affix hooks, a strip of trellis or storage buckets, you’ll be amazed at how much extra space you’ll create by utilising this often-forgotten space. 

Top tip: Planters make for great shed storage solutions. We love the idea of attaching these ribbed planters to the inside of your shed doors – perfect for popping your gardening gloves, spare seeds or trowel in after an afternoon of planting. 

Store nails and screws in mason jars 

Inundated with various nails and screws? If you’re tired of trawling through drawers and boxes trying to find the fixing you’re looking for, why not take your shed organisation up a notch and display them in mason jars? 

This way, you’ll be able to see your various hardware in front of you without the need to open every box and drawer.  

Spend an afternoon separating your nuts from your bolts, and pop each type of fixing into a separate jar. Then, using a label maker or permanent marker, label each jar so you know exactly what goes where. 

Top tip: Take this garden shed organisation idea one step further by hanging your mason jars underneath shelves. Using a twist-top jar, use two screws to secure the lid to the underside of a wooden shelf. Then, twist the jar on and off for speedy access. 

Upcycle an old pallet to store tools 

Got old wooden pallets taking up space in your garden shed? Put them to good use! 

Upcycling pallets is a great way to boost your shed storage by creating a secure space to keep your garden tools.  

Tip the pallet vertically and secure to the wall. Slot your spades, rakes and forks in for neat, upright storage. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, why not transform smaller wooden pallets into storage for handheld pruning and cutting tools and either store on a shelf or fix to the wall.  

Top tip: Browse our range of wood paints to add a bit of character to your upcycled pallets! 

Utilise storage trolleys

If you’re working on a DIY project in your garden shed, it can be useful to have removable furniture, creating as much space as possible for large-scale tasks. 

Storage trolleys are a great shed storage idea. Simply wheel them into a position that’s going to offer as much space as you need for your project.  

Working on something more intricate? Move your storage trolley closer to you, and have your tools in good reach from your workspace. 

Try these garden shed storage ideas and create a workshop haven! Don’t forget to share your shed organisation before and after shots on Instagram and tag us @homebase_uk.  



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