How To Clean Your Oven

Cleaning oven racks and other parts of the oven can be time consuming, because of baked on grease and food. Certain areas like the oven doors never seem to look clean, no matter how hard you scrub! Grills and barbecues have the same problem. We asked our supplier HG to provide some advice that will help you to get everything shiny and clean once more.

  1. Tips to maximise time between cleans

    Cleaning your oven is part of life, but fortunately there are many ways to limit maintenance as much as possible. An oven becomes extremely dirty because of food and grease. Grease will drip, meat will splatter and a dish can bubble and splash. Whilst it is in the oven, food loses grease and liquid that simply is distributed around the oven. At some point this makes ovens enormously greasy. With the following tips you can limit the domestic oven cleaning to some extent.

    • Put the ingredients in an oven dish instead of on a grill or a baking sheet
      Preferably put the ingredients in an oven dish instead of on a grill or a baking sheet. If you still want to put a dish on the grill, make sure you use a baking sheet with some aluminium foil under the dish.
    • Always using baking paper or aluminium foil
      By using baking paper or aluminum foil, the grease and moisture that is released during baking and grilling are captured by the paper or foil. It saves a lot of scrubbing when cleaning your oven shelves after cooking. It also helps to use an oven bag to protect your oven against grease building up.
    • Cleaning up food remnants straightaway
      Bread crumbs or other remnants are best removed from the oven immediately after baking to prevent them from burning on or caking.
  2. 4 alternative products for cleaning oven racks

    Besides HG’s specially developed professional oven cleaning products there are other methods to clean your oven racks, oven door and other parts quickly and conveniently and make your oven shine again.

    • Oven cleaning with lemon
      Slice up a lemon and put it in an oven dish in an oven preheated to 200ºC for 10 minutes. The heat evaporates the lemon juice. That softens up the grease in the oven, making it easier to remove.
    • Oven cleaning with baking soda
      Baking soda is also an alternative product for easy oven cleaning. Put some powder on a damp cloth and wipe the oven clean. Leave it to absorb for a little while, and then wipe the oven with a clean damp cloth or sponge and leave to dry properly. Sprinkle a little soda on the baking sheet and leave it to absorb. Then pour some boiling water on it and wait for five minutes. Now you can clean the oven (shelves) easily with a damp cloth.
    • Use wet newspapers
      A convenient tip for cleaning your oven grill or BBQ grill is to use two wet newspapers. Put the wet newspapers on the grill and the next day you can clean it with a cloth or brush. The grill will look like new!
    • Oven cleaning with a bowl of ammonia
      If you use your oven frequently, it is too much work to keep cleaning the ovenracks and the oven door. In that case you could put a bowl of ammonia in the oven at night. Leave a few windows open to make sure you ventilate the kitchen. In the morning open the windows and doors completely and throw away the bowl of ammonia. The ammonia has softened the greasy deposits, making them easy to remove.

If you’re not completely satisfied with these DIY tips, try one of HG’s solutions for easy oven cleaning that have been developed especially to clean your oven thoroughly.


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