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Lawn Blog – October

A lawn with bare patches and leaves scattered across it

Love your lawn this October

Try to scarify

A light scarification will ‘comb’ out any unwelcome thatch and moss. You could try one of our easy-to-use scarifiers, but with grass growth slowing down, be sure to be gentle.

Now you need to feed & weed

Once you’ve removed all the organic debris, apply a feed and moss control product (leaving the moss killer until now means that it will reach the base of the moss plants). Be careful not to over-apply and ideally try to do it before heavy rain to help water it in.

It’s not too late to aerate

Aeration is brilliant for your lawn and there’s still time to do it before winter. Buying a hollow-tine fork is a good investment and can be used year after year, or you can hire an aerating machine.

Never leave the leaves

Fallen leaves on your lawn can encourage disease and can lead to bare patches, so make sure you rake them up. If your lawn is already thinning on top, you can help repair it with a specialist product.

Don’t stop mowing if your lawn’s still growing

If you’ve given your lawn lots of T.L.C., your grass will probably have an enthusiastic growth spurt. When you trim it back down, keep your blade sharp but begin raising the cutting height gradually so you don’t destroy all the precious food stored in the leaves.

Now your lawn is all set up for a winter snooze, turn your eye to your garden furniture and ornaments. Do they need repairing or repainting? We have a great range of paints, varnishes and protectors to choose from and you can read the How to care for your garden furniture guide for further advice. You’ll find it’s the perfect job for a sunny October morning with a hot drink in your hand.



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