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Remove old layers of paint and varnish and start afresh with Nitromors.

These fast-acting products are just what you need for an amazing home makeover. Get rid of stubborn coatings with Nitromors All Purpose Paint & Varnish Remover. This non-drip formula can be applied to a whole host of materials from masonry to wood. When you’re working, the colour indicator shows exactly where you’ve applied it so far. When time’s up, you can scrape away the old stuff with ease. We stock a variety of volumes suitable for every project - from 375ml to 2L. When measuring up, remember one litre covers approximately five square metres. In every pack, you’ll find clear instructions. Whether you’re a decorating expert or new the game, you’ll get to grips with how to use Nitromors paint stripper in no time.

Blast away stubborn paint and varnish with Nitromors, available at Homebase.