Patio Magic

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Patio Magic! ® helps you transform your garden spaces with simple to use and effective outdoor cleaners.

You are guaranteed great results with no need to scrub or pressure wash, minimising effort and maximising results. Patio Magic!® easily removes algae and green mould quickly, providing long-lasting protection so that you can enjoy your garden.

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Get impeccably clean patios and driveways every time with the range of powerful cleaning products from Patio Magic.

Rid your outdoor spaces of stubborn green mould and algae with the tough Patio Magic 5L Surface Cleaner. There’s no need to pressure wash or scrub the surface either - simply dilute the cleaner, apply it to the surface using a watering can fitted with a fine rose, and leave it to do its magic. It’s not just patios that benefit from this incredible product - the cleaner can be used on fencing, decking and conservatories for tough, immaculate results on all your garden exteriors.

Shift those tough stains for a long-lasting sparkle on your surfaces with the range of outdoor cleaning products available at Homebase.