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NMC Easycove

Over 70 years of experience and a distinctly innovative spirit make the appeal, authenticity and quality of NOËL MARQUET & Co. (NMC) products simply unique.

Creative stylish design ideas have been exclusively developed in house and in close collaboration with architects and designers, which NMC regularly bring to market as a source of inspiration.

Our versatile, linear and minimalistic mouldings are completely in tune with the contemporary trend towards purity of line.

Design elements are manufactured by means of continuous extrusion, for a smooth surface finish and perfect part to part matching.

In the extrusion process, polystyrene is moulded in medium and high density to light or shock-resistant mouldings, moreover the mouldings are waterproof and can therefore be used in damp areas without hesitation.

Lightweight and simple to cut with ribbed gluing surfaces and a surface primer make installation and finishing - easy!

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