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Fire up the barbeque and enjoy sizzling food in no time with red hot products from Bar-Be-Quick.

Bar-Be-Quick gained its fame by introducing instant BBQs to the UK in the 1980s. Since then the brand has revolutionised the barbequing experience with products that can be lit up anywhere, anytime. For simplicity, pick up a Bar-Be-Quick disposable BBQ for an enjoyable, no fuss way to spend summer evenings. You can buy twin packs or even a specialist party Bar-Be-Quick BBQ. Mix it up with honey or whiskey flavoured smoking chips and lighting blocks. A Bar-Be-Quick BBQ lighter is suitable for standing or disposable BBQs, just keep lighting gel, charcoal and safety matches stored in the garage to enjoy delicious chargrilled food at any time.

Browse the items in the Bar-Be-Quick range to discover your simplest ever barbeque experience.