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Gorilla tape takes duct tape to another level, while Gorilla adhesives are known for their incredible holding power. The brand started with Original Gorilla Glue, which has a water activated polyurethane formula that expands into materials to form an incredibly strong bond to almost anything. Gorilla Glue is totally waterproof and you can use it safely indoors or outdoors. Strong enough to stand up to the elements, Gorilla Glue is the ideal solution for almost any project or repair. Strong and tough, Gorilla Tape is made with double thick adhesive, reinforced backing and an all-weather shell. It sticks to rough and uneven surfaces, including wood, brick and stone.
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Gorilla is world famous for its incredibly tough glue. Now, Gorilla products are transforming the UK DIY experience.

Harness industrial holding power for your next project with Gorilla. Gorilla glue kickstarted the brand’s entry to the UK market, building a reputation with its powerful hold. Original Gorilla glue bonds stone, metal, ceramic and glass, which is why it’s labelled the ‘Toughest Glue on Planet Earth’. Find specialist adhesives in our range - from repair tape in vibrant colours to white Gorilla glue and superglue gel. Its clear options are workshop essentials, since they tackle tasks quickly, neatly and with a foam-free finish. Choose precise two-way nozzle features or a motoring-grade synthetic epoxy - all available at the affordable Homebase prices you love.

Heavy duty adhesives are useful for work, home improvements and emergency repairs. Stick with Gorilla for strength that’s sure to impress.