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Ecofective is passionate about creating beautiful gardens whilst considering the environment around us. We aim to provide you with the tools you need, using the best and most environmentally sensitive formulations in the UK that include a range of feed, weed, clean and control products. Whether you use your garden to grow your own produce, or as an area to relax in with your family, or even as a safe haven to welcome the UK’s most beloved wildlife, ecofective gives gardeners very effective alternatives to conventional chemical garden care products. Made in the UK, used by professionals and derived from natural solutions, our promise is to provide greener, safer home and garden care.
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Achieve a greener, safer garden with the range of pest control and weed killers from Ecofective.

Protect your garden without damaging the environment by using natural Ecofective weed killers. The ready to use Weed Blast acts fast to control weeds, while using organic ingredients that are less damaging than conventional chemicals. If it’s a smaller pest or insect you need to shift, try the Ecofective Bug Killer for both indoor and outdoor use against insects. Give those plants a boost with the Plant Defender range at Homebase. From roses to houseplants, there’s an all-natural product to keep your garden looking vibrant, without causing harm to your surroundings.

For effective and natural protection against insects and weeds, browse the pest control and weed killer range at Homebase.