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Gardening Jobs For April

Keeping on top of jobs in your outdoor space through April will not only keep it neat and tidy but you can plant to maintain interest through this season.

Easy growing

Step 1. Plant out

Plant out tomato plants in larger pots or a tomato planter once they have grown large enough.

Step 2. Feed it

As soon as you have tiny green tomatoes (the first truss set) in your greenhouse, start to feed the plant to boost flowering. If growing tomatoes outdoors, start to feed once the second truss has set. Feed every 4-5 days in the greenhouse and feed every 10 to 14 days if outdoors. Remember to ventilate your greenhouse or tunnel to avoid mildew and other fungal diseases.
Keep compost in beds and borders well fed with a general purpose fertiliser to prepare them ready for planting vegetable plants and flowers

Step 3. Protect it

Protect tomato plants against pests such as slugs and other bugs such as whitefly and aphids. You may also need to support it with canes and string.Top Tip: Pick out side shoots from your tomato plants or you will have a big bushy plant. This also allows for better airflow around the plants.

Lawn made easy

Step 1. Prepare it

Start with a general clear up by removing leaves & weeds, as they will start to grow again when the weather is warmer.

Step 2. Seed & Feed it

Assess patches & sow new grass seed. Remember to water the patches during dry spells of weather to get the seed to grow. This is also a good time to use Lawn Revive over the entire lawn area to thicken it up and fillin any gaps left from weed and moss removal before the weeds try to take over.

Feed & protect your lawn to keep it lush & healthy. Use a lawn fertiliser such as Aftercut Ultragreen or Safelawn regularly, watering it in during dry weather. Keeping your lawn healthy helps to prevent weed growth.

Step 3. Mow & water it

Keep your lawn tidy by mowing regularly on mild & dry days, and as the weather gets warmer water regularly.

Easy Garden Tidy and Maintenance

Step 1.Get back in your garden for longer

Refresh your patio or terrace, spruce up, clean and give it a smart new look.

Step 2. Upcycle and clean garden furniture

Use Cuprinol garden furniture stain or garden furniture restorer to give your wooden garden furniture a new lease of life

Step 3. Make the most of warmer evenings

If it starts to feel a little cold, then one of our firepits or Chimeneas is a worth while investment.

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