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At Brabantia, we know a lot of people don’t like doing chores. But we spend up to 6 years of our lives doing them - and time is too precious to waste. Why not enrich your everyday routines, and learn to love them? Take pleasure in doing the little things and let them lift you. Make your daily rituals your escape plan, a chance to relax, live in the moment, get connected or disconnected. At Brabantia we are here to help, with beautifully designed products for pleasurable living and giving. Concepts with promise, which are made sustainably and leave a better world for generations to come.
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Brabantia is committed to enriching lives with their nifty homeware concepts - browse the range to discover forward-thinking, fashionable storage.

Dutch-founded Brabantia is now a favourite in dynamic UK homes. Browse the range of ultra-stylish rotary washing line covers or invest in a sleek stainless steel Brabantia bin with touch technology, for next generation waste management. Discover sleek ways to store your iron or stock up on the essentials, from Brabantia washing line replacements to a step stool for reaching high shelves. If you’re forever losing pegs, discover intuitive hanging peg bags, for handy storage solutions to simplify your home care routine. You’ll also benefit from up to five years’ quality for lasting style and function.

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