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Designed in Australia with many years of experience, TOPLIFT hand trolleys are built tough for everyday use by professionals.
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Toplift provides the perfect solution for all your portable lifting needs, whether at home, in the garden or even in the office.

If it’s a Toplift trolley you’re after, we have a wide range suitable for different weights and loads. They start from a capacity of 60kg and go up to the larger 300kg, meaning you have choice depending on what you’re transporting. A folding trolley is ideal for saving space in the garage, as its unique folding design means you can store it away easily or even hang it up. For awkward sized objects, choose a Toplift trolley with a larger lip design. Our durable heavy-duty trolleys are suitable for bulkier lifting and our platform designs have more space as well as non-slip surfaces.

Whatever you’re storing or transporting, you’ll find the perfect trolley for the job within our Toplift range at Homebase.