Loft Conversion Ideas

an image of a loft conversion

For most of us, the loft often becomes an unused area to store junk. However, there are many ways to transform your loft into a smart storage space or an extra room in the house. To help you out, we’ve put together our best loft conversion ideas so you can keep your home organised and maximise your space. 


Before you start 

Check that your loft is suitable to be used as another room. Building regulations stipulate a room must be at lease 2.2m in height to function as a certified room, so it’s worth having your tape measure at the ready. 

If you haven’t done so already, boarding out your loft is a simple way to convert your loft into a safe, usable storage space. Take a look at our ‘How to Insulate Your Loft’ and ‘Loft Insulation Buying Guides’ to discover how to insulate your home and save money on your heating bills. Make access to your loft as simple as possible with a loft ladder for a sturdy and practical access solution.  


Tranquil reading room 

Why not turn your loft into a peaceful reading room? Having a quiet place to go to is especially useful for younger children, as it will give them a dedicated area to relax. 

Organise your books with a stylish bookcase and add to the ambience of the room with a warming reading lamp. Cosy up with cushions, a rug and a snug chair to create a dreamy reading nook. 

Optimised storage space 

If your house has a large loft area, think about turning it into a functional storage space. Take advantage of the room’s vertical space and high roof with tall shelving units, such as a bookcase or cube storage. Keep assorted items out of sight by carefully packing them away in storage boxes and cube inserts 

Home office  

Nowadays, more than ever, many people need a space to comfortably work from home. It’s important for work-life balance to keep your working day separate from your home life. You can do this is by converting your loft into an office of your dreams.  

All you need is an office desk, chair and stationary organisers to get you started, but check out our other home office decorating ideas here. Create storage space with floating shelves or if you’ve got a little more space, our cube shelving units are another great storage solution.  Don’t forget to add a lamp, wall light or strip lights to brighten up the space.   

Gaming room 

Is the gamer in your family always making a little too much noise? Not to worry. A great loft conversion idea is a gaming room, so that you can give them a dedicated space and keep them out of earshot.  

Creating a space separate from where they sleep will also allow their bedroom to become a place for solely for relaxation.  

Kit the room out with the necessary hardware, TV stand and a comfortable chair. You could even add a sofa and strip lights for next-level luxury. 

Create a functional DIY workstation 

Create a workspace haven for the DIY-lover in your family with a dedicated workstation. Use tool storage to keep unsightly nuts and bolts hidden away. Add shelves onto the walls of the loft conversion and make use of the vertical space. If you have a larger loft, consider a shelving unit to store larger items. 

And those are our loft conversion ideas. If you’re looking for more home inspiration advice, check out our Ideas & Advice hub. Don’t forget to tag us in your transformations @Homebase_UK 



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