Interior Paint Ideas

interior paint ideas

If you’re looking to refresh your home with a splash of colour but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with our favourite interior paint ideas 

Over the past couple of years, our homes have turned into multi-functional life hubs. The ultimate sanctuary for many people – home is also now an office, a gym and even a place to home school. Using different colours throughout various spaces in your home will create different atmospheres, and knowing which colours work best in which places will help to give an overall holistic feel.

White, Beige & Cream

If you want to keep things simple, stick to a neutral approach. White, beige and cream are all great shades for creating light and airy spaces. Neutrals are versatile and will match with almost any furnishing style in any room. From clean and cool to cosy and warm, neutrals provide great flexibility and a straightforward, unfussy backdrop.  

Top tip: Layer up with different forms of lighting to add warmth.


Creating a sense of calm and positivity, it’s not surprising that blues are a great shade for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Light blues help to open up spaces and are a great option for smaller areas. Alternatively, darker blues have a cosy and cocooning feel – so are best suited to north-facing rooms to amplify a lack of natural light.

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A major trend in recent years, green paint has gained popularity as it emulates the calming feel of nature. From dramatic emerald hues to cooler sage shades, green works well in kitchens (especially if they are connected to a garden), bathrooms and bedrooms for a tranquil, luxurious atmosphere.

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Grey, Black & Brown

Darker colours have a reputation for giving spaces a smaller feel – but this isn’t always a bad thing. Light, silvery greys work beautifully in guest bedrooms or hallways, and soft browns promote happiness by creating a cosy, content atmosphere. Once thought to be a no-go, black bathrooms have also made a comeback as their elegant ambience feels modern and sleek.

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Pink, Purple & Red

Bold and stimulating shades of pink, purple and red are all great options for an accent wall. Whether in your home office or gym, these bright hues are great motivating shades that will bring excitement and feel-good vibes to any area. For a more subtle approach, opt for pastel shades. Or, go bold with deeper hues.

Yellow & Orange

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen a rise in creative interiors – from at-home meditation spaces to basement bars, innovative rooms deserve to feature statement shades. Striking colours such as yellow and orange are great choices in these spaces, as they also work  well when used as part of geometric wall patterns or painted feature wall panelling.

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How to do it:

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