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Bath Buying Guide

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Choosing your bath

How much space do you have in your bathroom? Do you want your bath to fit between two walls (or alcove), or would you prefer it in a corner? Then again, maybe an elegant, freestanding bath is your ideal?

However you answer these questions will help you choose the style and shape of your perfect bath.

The Rectangular Bath

Designed to fit into either an alcove or a corner, Rectangular Baths usually come with a front and acrylic end panel that can be matched to your bath. Or you can create a more traditional look and feel with a furniture finish (MDF panels).

Sizes: 1500, 1700, 1800mm long and 700 or 750mm wide.

The Double Ended Bath

Although the Double Ended Bath can also be fitted into an alcove or corner, it will look great freestanding and will transform your bath into a beautiful feature in its own right. The Double Ended Bath is often designed with two people in mind, with gracefully sloping ends for you to enjoy.

Sizes: usually 1700 or 1800mm in length and 750 or 800mm wide.

The Shower Bath

Can’t decide between either a bath or a shower? Then why not have both. Being wider at one end (either a rounded or square design), the p-shaped Shower Bath is ideal for both a long relaxing soak and an invigorating shower, with its elegantly designed screen.

Sizes: 1500 or 1700mm in length, 700mm wide at the bathing end, and up to 850mm wide in the showering area.



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