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Gardening Jobs For July

Keeping on top of jobs in your outdoor space through July will not only keep it neat and tidy but you can plant to maintain interest through this season.
make the most of gardening this summer with our gardening hints and tips

Top gardening jobs this month

Lawns made easy

Step 1. Feed it

Feed & protect your lawn to keep it lush & healthy. If you have children and pets, SafeLawn is ideal as it is 100% natural so little feet and paws can still go on the lawn.

Step 2. Weed It

Now the warmer months are here, weeds will be growing vigorously so make sure you keep on top of them with a weedkiller or weeding tool. Feeding the lawn and mowing It will also help to keep weeds under control. 

Step 3. Mow & water it

Keep your lawn tidy by mowing weekly, and water regularly particularly in dry spells.

Easy Growing

Step 1: Feed & Water

Annuals and bedding, perennials and shrubs growing in containers need regular feeding through the growing season, so the compost doesn’t become starved of nutrients. Liquid feeding turbo-charges hungry summer bedding plants in pots, which need to grow rapidly and flower profusely over a short season. Keep all plants, plus all fruit and vegetable plants well fed by using Boost every time you water.

Step 2: Liquid-feeding

Liquid-feeding fruits and vegetables with potassium-rich tomato food can boost yields and quality for a wide range of edibles that set fruit, including cucumbers, courgettes, strawberries and sweet peppers. Tomatoes need feeding every 10 to 14 days in summer with potassium-rich tomato food. Start feeding with Big Tom once the first truss of fruit has set on greenhouse tomatoes, and when the second truss has set on plants growing outdoors.

Step 3: Deadheading

The regular removal of faded flowers (known as deadheading) encourages many plants to bear further flushes of blooms, extending flowering and keeping your garden colourful over a longer season.

Removing faded blooms prevents petals from falling and sticking to wet foliage, which can look unsightly and encourage leaves to rot.

Easy Entertaining

Step 1. Summer entertaining

Discover our wide range of durable, stylish and low-maintenance garden furniture. With everything from garden furniture sets, sofas to various shade options and stackable seating, our collection is perfect for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Step 2. BBQs for everyone

There’s no doubt that BBQs are an essential part of the warm season. So, whether you’re a grilling professional or a BBQ novice, we have every size, type, and accessory to ensure that you serve up the best food all summer long.

Step 3. Relax and unwind

Enjoy the luxury of a personal hot tub in your own home. Our inflatable hot tubs come in a variety of designs and sizes, to suit your needs, essential for any garden or summer staycation.