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ceiling ideas

We often neglect our ceilings when we’re planning our home colour schemes. From beams and coving to exciting interior design colour combinations, the way you decorate your ceiling can completely transform the feel of a room. 

Whether you’re wondering about the best way to paint a ceiling or what living room wall colour combination will best suit your space, we’ve compiled a list of ceiling ideas to provide you with a little inspiration. 

Our top ceiling ideas

Ceilings are often treated as an afterthought in home renovations and simply painted white. While white ceiling paint can create an illusion of more space in a smaller room, being more adventurous with your ceiling paint colour combination can help you to elevate your interiors. 

Top tip: Familiarise yourself with our guides on buying emulsion paint and how to paint a ceiling before you get under way.

Coordinating ceilings and walls

Taking your wall colour up onto the ceiling has a cosy, cocooning effect. For rooms with little natural light, such as a downstairs bathroom or snug, a dark blue or forest green will create a sophisticated and elegant air. Alternatively, hallways and bedrooms painted in a warm plaster shade will feel instantly more inviting.

Painting your ceiling and walls with the same shade works particularly well in attic bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices, where white ceiling paint can feel too stark against the angle of a pitched roof.

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A contrasting paint colour combination

Be playful and use contrasting ceiling and wall paint for an instant design feature. Go as subtle or bold as you dare, the interior colour combinations are endless. 

This ceiling idea works best in larger rooms with high ceilings, as there is more space for the contrasting colours to bounce off each other. Rich blue walls paired with a muted pale pink ceiling is one of our favourite living room wall colour combinations for adding depth, while sage green walls against a silvery grey ceiling creates a calming contrast for a lighter interior. 

There are many options to explore here – the key is to take time with your decision and stock up on tester pots, so that you can find the perfect paint colour combination for your space. 

Top tip: Paint large pieces of cardboard with your tester shades and move them around the room throughout the day. You’ll be able to see how they work with the natural lighting and furnishings in your space. 

A darker ceiling to play with depth

People often worry that a dark ceiling will feel lower and make the room appear smaller. However, by exploring darker ceiling colour ideas, you can actually create the illusion of added height. Painting the ceiling darker than your walls will help to elongate a room, making it appear as though the ceiling is receding. 

Be careful, as too stark a contrast can feel heavy and imposing when using dark colours. However, a slightly darker tonal variation of your wall colour or elegant grey can bring spaciousness and balance to your space. If you have off-white walls, try a pale grey or blush pink on the ceiling. Similarly, a deep blue ceiling against light blue walls makes for a delightful bedroom wall colour combination. 

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Coving ceiling design ideas

Coving can be used to frame a room, create the illusion of added height or to make a high ceiling feel less imposing. If you have coloured walls and ceilings, white painted regency-style coving forms an eye-catching feature that perfectly frames your space. 

Alternatively, painting your coving the same colour as your walls will create the appearance of a higher ceiling, while bringing your ceiling colour down onto coving or a painting rail creates a more intimate feel in a larger room.

Top tip: Our guide on how to fit coving will help you to achieve a seamless finish.

Decorative ceiling beams ideas

If you live in a period property with beams, you have an extra element to play with when it comes to exploring ceiling design ideas. Leave beams with their natural dark wood finish for a traditional look that contrasts nicely against white ceiling paint. Alternatively, strip and sandblast, whitewash or paint your wooden beams grey for a lighter, more contemporary update.  

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Whether you’re looking for a new bedroom wall colour combination or a complete update to your interior colour combinations, our ceiling ideas will help you to get the most out of your space. Find more ideas for your home colour schemes on our Home Inspiration Hub and share your renovations with us @Homebase_UK. 



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