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Paint Colours to Make Your Small Hallway Look Bigger

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Paint has the power to transform the feel of a room – and this is even more true when you haven’t got much square footage to work with. The hallway sets the scene for your home and is often the first space your guests will enter, making it one of the most important rooms in your house.

When considering hallway paint colour ideas, there are many designs you can explore to create the illusion of it being a bigger space. Read on to discover our small hallway ideas and find out which paint colours and decorating ideas can make your small hallway look bigger.


Before you start

Always paint in a well-ventilated area and cover any surfaces with a dust sheet to prevent paint stains. We also recommend you read our DIY Safety Tips before carrying out any home improvement projects.


Small hallway paint colours


50 shades of white

Heritage paint

White paint is a classic choice for small spaces.

If your hallway is lacking in natural light, a bright white – free of any undertones – will give it a crisp and clean ambience.

If you’re not feeling brave enough for a completely white hallway, there are many off-white shades available. Dulux Heritage have a variety of whites with undertones of greys, blues, yellows, and even greens.

Any of these hallway paint colours will create a luxurious feel to your small space. What’s more, they can be creatively accessorised with those warmer, darker tones you once thought you had to avoid.

Top tip: Use more than one shade of the same colour to add depth. Painting the ceiling of your hallway 1-2 shades lighter than the walls will trick the eye into adding depth to the space.

Calming blues and greens

Light blue wall paint

If you’re searching for a neutral shade that still incorporates colour, a light blue or green paint will add a splash of freshness and brightness to your hallway – evoking feelings of calm and tranquillity.

When it comes to the colour frequencies in these cooler tones, they hit our senses slower than red-based colours – helping your small hallway look bigger.

Soft neutrals

Soft grey wall paint

Much like white, soft grey and taupe paint colours can add an element of ease and openness to small hallway spaces.

Timeless and elegant, soft neutrals often have lilac undertones that look great alongside whitewashed wood furniture for an earthly, modern farmhouse feel.

Traditionally, people opt for shades of warm red with brown undertones to make their hallway feel grand, however these can make a space feel tighter and heavier.

Top tip: Fix any problem spots (like holes and cracks) in your walls and sand the whole area to create a smooth surface before you begin to paint.


Lavender wall paint

Pastel tones such as light lavender and barely-there pinks are perfect small hallway paint colours – particularly if you’re feeling a little bold with your decisions.

These options will create a welcome luminescence to your small hallway space – yet have just enough depth to establish texture and interest.

Daring enough to create a slight statement, yet modest enough not to overwhelm the hallway – these paint colours work well for those who want to create a happy and relaxed entrance to their home.

The key to painting with pastel paint colours is to choose its very lightest shade, as this helps you maintain those light-reflecting benefits of lighter tones.

Glossy finishes

Dulux silk white wall paint

Choosing a soft-sheen colour will intensify its light-reflecting properties, further helping your small hallway to feel bigger. Make sure to check out our paint tools and accessories as it’s all about getting the right tools for the job to achieve the perfect finish.

Small hallway decorating ideas

Mirrors are a great addition to any small room.  Whether you would prefer to go for lots of small ones to create a feature wall or for one statement wall-to-ceiling piece, mirrors will reflect the light and make it bounce off your other walls, creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Invest in a runner mat to draw the eye down the length of your hallway space and make it feel even bigger.

Install spotlights or light fixtures with multiple bulbs in your ceiling to create several sources of light, rather than having just one centralised fitting.

Whatever flooring option you choose for your small hallway, keep it darker than the walls. Your eyes will be drawn upwards towards lighter areas, therefore making your small hallway feel bigger.

Top tip: Now you’ve transformed the hallway, get inspired to refresh other areas of your home with our wall panelling guide.

And there you have it! These small hallway ideas are sure to get you inspired. Don’t forget to upload a photo of your new hallway to social media and tag us @homebase_uk.



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