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How to Paint Ceilings

how to paint a ceiling toolkit

From the starry skies in a children’s bedroom to dreamy decorative designs: ceilings can have a magical impact on a room and their colour even more so. Light colours add depth while a dark ceiling with light walls looks cosier.

Painting a ceiling may look daunting, but there’s not that much to it. Follow our step by step process below, and learn easy tips and tricks to transform your ceiling.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Mask the edges

    Unless you’re planning to paint the walls as well, apply masking tape around the ceiling’s edges. The tape will protect your walls should your hand slip and create a clean finish.

  2. Cut in

    Then, cut in using a 5cm brush. Dip the brush bristles in the paint for about ⅓, wipe off excess and start painting toward the tape. Paint several centimetres onto the ceiling, making long strokes, feathering the edges and brushing back into the wet paint.

  3. woman painting a ceiling with a roller

    Paint the rest

    Swap your brush for a roller. Add an extension pole if you have one, that’ll help with mobility when painting high ceilings. To achieve a smooth and consistent result, work in sections.

    Top tip: Depending on the size of your ceiling, make 1 to 2-metre strokes. Work quickly so that the paint doesn’t get a chance to dry before moving on to the next section.

  4. Woman removing masking tape from ceiling

    Remove the tape

    Timing is a tricky one when painting a ceiling. You want to give the first and or second coat enough time to dry but removing masking tape works best while the paint is still slightly wet. After you’ve checked the finish, gently and steadily pull the tape in one direction to reveal the end result!

    That’s how to paint a ceiling. If your walls and ceilings could do with some attention, here’s a guide on how to repair holes and cracks in them.




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