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How to Make An Outdoor Home Cinema with Dick & Angel

an outdoor home cinema set up

Dick and Angel enjoying an outdoor cinema

We love thinking of new ways to get the most out of our garden – particularly if it involves an activity the whole family can get involved in. One of the things we love doing with the kids is going to the cinema together.

With the last weeks of Summer almost coming to an end, we thought, why not learn how to make an outdoor cinema so we can all enjoy an evening with the stars of Hollywood, under the stars.

Creating your own outdoor home cinema is a lot easier than it sounds and we’re here to show you how to do it.

Now you’ve seen how we’ve done it, it’s time for you to give it a go. Here’s what you’ll need.



  1. a projector on a small table

    Lights, camera...

    The most important bit of your outdoor home cinema kit is the projector. Go for one with more lumens, as this will make it easier to see your projected film. Most projectors can be hooked up to a laptop, USB stick or tablet – depending on which device you choose, you may also need a HDMI cable.

    You’ll also need a steady base for it – a small table will do the trick. And don’t forget your speakers, but if you’re worried about rattling your neighbour’s windows, get some Bluetooth headphones!

  2. a wooden frame lies flat for a white sheet to be secured to it


    The easiest way to create your outdoor cinema screen is by stretching a sheet out across a wall or between two posts on your fence. This can be a bed sheet or, ideally, something a bit thicker. The trick for a seamless outdoor cinematic experience, is to keep your sheet as flat as possible. And of course, avoiding anything with a pattern!

    We’ve knocked up a frame with some pieces of timber, to the size and shape of our sheet and held it with joints at 45-degree angles. We secured it with some staples – working from side to side, followed by top to bottom to ensure we’ve got a nice, even and smooth stretch to our screen. Finally, we secured it with some pegs in the ground.

    Top tip: You’ve essentially created a sail, so make sure your outdoor home cinema doesn’t make a cameo in Gone with the Wind – position it somewhere nice and sheltered. 

  3. Angel Strawbridge arranging cosy outdoor seating

    Make the best seat in the house

    If you’re going to really enjoy your favourite family blockbuster under the stars, then it’s important to create a nice and comfortable place for everyone to relax. So, get the comfiest chairs you can find and bury them in plump cushions and warm throws. Or, for the full VIP set-up, an outdoor sofa to snuggle into!

  4. Popcorn kernels in a pan over a chimenea fire

    Don't forget the popcorn

    To us, a movie night isn’t complete without a little crackle and pop – but it’s even better at your own outdoor home cinema, as you can cook it on your BBQ or chimenea.

    Simply, decant some popcorn kernels into a deep pot with cold vegetable oil. Place the lid on top, and heat until it tells you it’s ready!

    Hosting an outdoor cinema night is also the perfect excuse to wheel out the drinks trolley, with a nice ice bucket in tow to keep the drinks chilled. Plus, who can resist a tub of ice cream?

    And that’s it… learning how to create an outdoor home cinema is one of the easiest ways to really make the most of your garden. Oh, and one last thing, don’t forget to turn your phones on silent!

    Don’t forget to share snaps of your outdoor home cinema with us on Instagram – @homebase_uk – and join us for the next episode in our Give it a Go series. 



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