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How To Make a Citrus Bird Feeder

Making your own citrus bird feeder is an easy and fun way to keep the kids entertained while school’s out – and it also helps encourage wildlife visitors into your garden.

Attracting beautiful feathery friends will not only brighten up your garden, but citrus bird feeders are also a great low-cost and sustainable way to use up fruit rind.

The scooped out citrus fruits make the perfect natural bowl for bird seed and dotting them around the garden will encourage birds to swoop down for a bite.

Let’s start with what you’ll need.




  1. Be safe and smart

    This is the perfect family-friendly activity; however, it does involve some gardening tools.  So, ensure children are supervised at all times and have an adult take over when it comes to using any sharp objects or tools.

    Adults, don’t forget to always read the instruction manuals before handling any gardening equipment.

  2. Cut your fruit

    First, an adult will need to cut the fruit in half on top of a cutting board, using a sharp knife.

    Make sure fingers are well out of the way and that you are cutting on a sturdy, level surface. Always cut away from the body.

    Try to get the halves equal, as they will become the feeder bowls for your citrus bird feeder.

  3. Scoop out the insides

    Call upon the kids for this bit and give them a spoon to scoop out the insides of the citrus fruit.

    It’s recommended kids wear safety goggles for this to protect their little eyes, as any fruit juice squirts will irritate them.

    Top tip:

    The inside of the fruit doesn’t have to go to waste. Put it aside to eat later, or it can be blended into a healthy smoothie.

  4. Make string holes

    A grown up is needed for this stage. Make two holes on each side of the half fruit shells, using the end of your sharp knife.

    Top tip:

    Try to make the holes in the middle of the citrus fruit shell, so your DIY bird feeder will be as stable as possible.

  5. Cut and tie your string

    Next, cut two long equal lengths of string.

    Remember, one length of string will be doubled up, so bear that in mind when deciding on the length.

    Thread one piece of string per two holes on one side. Then tie all the string at the top, so that the citrus bird feeder can be hung.

    Top tip:

    String comes in a variety of different colours. So, get the kids to choose their two favourite colours to add a bit more vibrancy to the citrus bird feeder.


  6. Fill it with bird seed

    After that, the kids can fill your DIY bird feeder with bird seed.

    Be careful not to overfill your feeder.

    Top tip:

    Remember: different seeds attract different types of birds.

  7. Time to hang

    Now the citrus bird feeders are ready to go.

    Hang them from the branches of trees or anywhere else in your garden where there is a hook.

    Top tip:

    You could hang your feeders in spaces that can easily be seen from your windows. This way, the kids can watch the birds feed from their new favourite spot.

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