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Perfect for protecting floorboards, providing a soft surface underfoot and adding design interest, a runner is a long, rectangular rug that is designed to fit snugly along corridors, hallways and staircases. Our designs include everything from pretty prints to super practical washable runners, so there really is something for every home. Co-ordinate with your doormat or opt for something a little more out there - the choice is yours.


Discover beautiful home accessories with heaps of practicality in our range of runners at Homebase.

What is the purpose of a hallway runner

Longer and narrower than a traditional rug, runners are designed to fit seamlessly down the centre of hallways, staircases and corridors. Protecting floorboards and carpet from dirt, wear and tear, most designs are washable so that you can keep them looking as good as new. Runners are also a fantastic way to add a little flair to your interiors. You can experiment with patterns and colours without having to make any permanent design choices.

Where should a hallway runner start?

These stunning, longer length rugs and runners look incredible in hallways, beautifully complementing carpeted, wooden or laminate flooring. Part of the purpose of a runner is to protect the flooring beneath, so you want to ensure that the rug is positioned as close to the front door as possible. If you have a doormat that is narrower than your runner, place this on top of the runner to provide a place to take off muddy shoes. If your doormat is wider, place this immediately in front of the door, with the runner positioned 2-3 inches down the corridor.

Can you put a runner over carpet in a hallway?

Yes you can! In fact, a runner is a great way to prolong the life of a carpet, minimising any wear and tear. Runners can also be used in kitchens or bedrooms, providing extra comfort underfoot along narrow sections of flooring that don't have the space for a full-sized rug.

When it comes to runners, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Homebase range. Browse the selection and find the perfect design for your home.