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Dust Sheets

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Keep your home protected whilst carrying out your DIY jobs by using dust sheets. Cotton or plastic dust sheets can help protect your carpet and furniture while painting and decorating, taking the worry away.

Preparing for your upcoming decorating project is just as important as the job itself. That’s why Homebase supplies a wide range of quality dust sheets to cover floors, furniture and everything in between.

Plastic dust sheets and washable cotton canvas options are available, as well as large dust sheets that cover an incredible 50 metres. Never worry about dripping paint, spreading dust or treading dirt again, and protect your furniture with Homebase. Our drop cloths aren’t just for one use, they’re reusable too. A quick shake outside, wipe down or run through the washing machine and they’re ready for the next job.

Don’t forget to pick up masking tape too. It's great if you’re laying dust sheets on stairs, to prevent them from moving around while you’re working.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drop cloth and what is it used for?

A drop cloth is another name for a dust sheet. Drop cloths are protective sheets normally made from plastic or cotton used to cover floors and surfaces when carrying out home improvement projects. They are designed to prevent dust, paint and other debris from damaging furniture and floors.


Can you wash dust sheets?

Yes, you can wash dust sheets.

Cotton dust sheets can be put in the washing machine to remove excess paint. It may be tougher to remove dried paint and stains might need extra treatment.

You can wash plastic dust sheets by wiping them down with a damp cloth and detergent. Don't forget to make sure they are completely dry before folding them to prevent rot and mould growth.

How do you store dust sheets? 

Smaller dust sheets can be placed in storage boxes while larger dust sheets that do not fit in storage boxes can be kept in vacuum bags or canvas bags. You can store cotton and plastic dust sheets in the shed, loft or garage. Remember to use waterproof or airtight storage systems if you are storing your dust sheets in areas that are exposed to moisture.