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Smooth away those pesky bumps and cracks ready for your paint job with fillers from Homebase. Here you’ll find a vast collection of fillers, ensuring you have everything you need. Browse and shop products such as wood filler, Polyfilla, wall filler, putty, ceiling fillers and exterior Polyfilla.
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Cover up imperfections and stop bumps and cracks getting in the way of a smooth paint job with our range of fillers.

With so many types of wall fillers to choose from, achieving a blemish-free finish has never been easier. Formulated to fill and insulate holes or cracks, expanding foam is a long-lasting solution for awkward gaps. These foams reach deep into cavities to create an enduring seal that also insulates against moisture and heat. Powder wall filler is ready to use after a quick mix with water. For even faster action, we also stock premade formulas that can be used instantaneously. If it’s woodwork that needs fixing up, speciality wood filler is weatherproof and creates the perfect base for paint or varnish.

Achieve perfect paintwork, cover up blemishes and seal joints with the range from Homebase.