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Filler & Caulk

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Smooth away those pesky bumps and cracks ready for your paint job with fillers and caulk from Homebase. Here you’ll find a vast collection of fillers, ensuring you have everything you need. Browse and shop products such as wood filler, Polyfilla, wall filler, putty, ceiling paste, plaster filler, masonry filler, all-purpose filler, and exterior Polyfilla.

Find the perfect filler for your needs here at Homebase.


With so many types of wall fillers to choose from, achieving a blemish-free finish has never been easier. Formulated to fill and insulate holes or cracks, expanding filler foam is a long-lasting solution for awkward gaps. These foams reach deep into cavities to create an enduring seal that also insulates against moisture and heat. Powder wall filler is ready to use after a quick mix with water. For even faster action, we also stock premade formulas that can be used instantaneously. If it’s woodwork that needs fixing up, speciality wood filler is weatherproof and creates the perfect base for paint or varnish.

Achieve perfect paintwork, cover up blemishes and seal joints with the range of fillers and caulk from Homebase. With paint-on filler, you can even out the tiniest blemishes in your smooth surfaces, while coloured fillers and ready-mix fillers offer an additional level of tailoring for your specific paint jobs at home.

Find the right filler for your DIY projects right here at Homebase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint straight onto masonry filler?

You should always apply a primer coat to your masonry, including onto masonry filler. This primer should typically be oil based. It will provide a protective coat for your raw masonry and also help the masonrypaint stick better.

How do I fill deep holes in a wall?

If you need to fill deep holes in a wall, we recommend using a specific wall hole filler, such as Polyfilla or a form of powder filler. You'll usually need to mix this wall filler yourself, but it provides greater versatility for both outdoor and indoor walls.

Can you screw into wood filler?

Yes, you can screw into wood filler, especially if you have used epoxy resin. You'll just need to wait until the wood filler has set before screwing anything into it. We also recommend using self-drilling screws with wood filler, which are more stable and sturdier than regular screws.

How long does wood filler take to dry?

Typically, wood filler takes about 20 minutes to dry. During this time you can carve or shape the filler. However, once it has dried it will be hard, unlike wood putty which doesn't harden. Once the wood filler is dry, you can sand it smooth, plain it, screw it and nail it. You can also paint, varnish and stain over dry wood filler.

How long does wall filler take to dry?

How long wall filler takes to dry depends on the type of filler you use. For instance, Polyfilla can take as little as 60 minutes to dry, but should be let to sit much longer if you plan on painting over it. Generally, you should allow wall filler about 12-48 hours to dry completely, especially if you have used a lot of it to fill a deep hole. Once wall filler has dried, you can sand it or paint over it.

How do I use wall filler?

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to use wall filler:

Step 1. Clean all dust and grime away from the area around the hole and allow it to dry.

Step 2. Press the filler firmly into the hole, leaving a little bit slightly raised.

Step 3. Immediately smooth it out with a wet decorator knife. Build up multiple layers of filler if you're filling in a deep hole, leaving enough time for each layer to dry before applying the next.

Step 4. Allow the wall filler time to dry (roughly 12-48 hours) before sanding or painting.