12 Days of Christmas Gifts Guide

an image of a Christmas tree with presents under it

Stuck in a rut with Christmas gifts? ‘Tis the season for exchanging presents with loved ones, and while sometimes finding the perfect gift seems simple, no one wants to be making the desperate Christmas Eve dash to the shops to find something!  

To help you out, we’ve put together this creative Christmas gifts guide inspired by the traditional 12 Days of Christmas tune, to give you a few festive and fun gift ideas.  

1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree 

an image of mince pies in a baking tray with bakeware around

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… bakeware to whip-up a crowdpleasing apple and pear pie (or any dessert)! The ideal present for any baking fanatic, put together a small hamper filled with handy cooking utensils such as an icing setmuffin tinmeasuring cups and maybe a few key ingredients 

 2. Two Turtle Doves 

an image of a pale grey storage box

Sending turtle doves isn’t the most practical of gifts, so instead create a thoughtful box of Christmas gifts using our Open Fronted Crate in Dove Grey. For the home lover, pop in a few candles and a diffuser and perhaps an ornamental vase filled with fresh flowers, or an artificial plant or two for those who are less reliable at keeping plants alive! 

3. Three French Hens 

a close up image of a blue terracotta plant pot

What do hens lay? Eggs. Perfect for the third verse, our Chiswick Egg Imperial Terracotta Pot in Blue is a great Christmas gift for any garden enthusiast. Available in a range of sizes, pair it with a plant that matches their outdoor aesthetic or a house plant to give the gift of greenery to their festive home.   

4. Four Calling Birds 

an image of a bird feeding station

Of course, what’s a more fitting gift for this verse than a bird feeding station? Ideal for bird watchers or wildlife fans, a bird feeding station is a great way to add charm to a loved one’s garden. Provide them with joy that goes beyond the Christmas period, as our feeding stations can be replenished year-round to keep attracting more feathered friends. 

Top tip: Check out our selection of wild bird food here 

5. Five Gold Rings 

an image of gold champagne flutes

Next up in our 12 days of Christmas gift guide is five gold rings.  

Take a twist on the lyrics of verse five and surprise a loved one with a gold photo frame. For a sentimental touch, add your own picture (or pictures) to celebrate your memories together! Or, if you want to bring something to add to the festive dinner table, you could opt for a set of Champagne Gold Champagne Flutes or Gin Glasses 

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6. Six Geese-a-Laying  

an image of a pink fuzzy throw

To honour specifically the ‘laying’ part in verse six of the 12 days of Christmas song, bedding is always a thoughtful and practical option. Especially for young adults who may have just moved away for university (and always need a spare duvet cover or a cosy throw). It’s a simple and inexpensive option that will never be unappreciated!  

7. Seven Swansa-Swimming  

a close up image of a Lay-Z spa hot tub

If you’re wanting to splash out, what is more ideal for ‘seven swans a-swimming’ than a hot tub? Available in different styles and sizes, a hot tub is a sure way to keep family, friends and loved ones content and relaxed. Featuring a massage and rapid heating system, our New York Lay-Z Spa even comes with a stunning multicolour LED lighting system – making it the ultimate relaxation station.  

8. Eight Maidsa-Milking  

an image of a wooden Fenton coffee table in a beige lounge

What do you put into coffee? Milk (well, a lot of us do). A coffee table is a great stylish and useful gift option, especially for those who have just moved into a new home or for a partner who is a fan of interior decorating. 

If you’re in search of something a little more practical, how about setting them up with a warming morning brew every morning? As a cafetiere and new set of mugs are also ideal gifting options.  

Top tip: Our Fenton Coffee Table, with its simplistic and stylish design, is an ideal choice for various décor themes.  

9. Nine Ladies Dancing 

an image of a Groov-E apollo desk lamp on a side table

Nothing gets people up and dancing like good music. For tech or music lovers, our Groov-E Apollo Desk Lamp with a Speaker and Wireless Charging Pad is a great choice. With three light modes and touch control, it’s the perfect bedside companion. 

Top tip: You could even create a playlist for the gift recipient that you can share with them through a music app.  

10. Ten Lordsa-Leaping  

an image of a trampoline

Probably our favourite verse in the 12 days of Christmas song!  

Get your loved ones up and jumping around with a trampoline. Fitting for the tenth verse, a trampoline is not just something for the kids to get excited about (but the adults as well)! From ground level to trampolines with 14ft nets, you can find the ideal trampoline to suit your preferences.  

Or, check out our ride-on toys – our selection of scooters, bikes and skateboards are sure to get the kids leaping for joy.   

Top tip: We’ve even got a range of trampoline covers and accessory kits to give your trampoline protection all year round and keep it in optimal condition to increase its life span.  

11. Eleven Pipers Piping 

an image of a DIY toolbox

Piping, pipes, plumbing… all sounds DIYrelated to us? For those that love to get stuck into home improvement projects or a dash of DIY here and there, the gift of DIY tools is always sure to be appreciated. Fill a tool storage box with a selection of handy tools or even a tool set to help them achieve their DIY dreams.  

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming 

an image of nutcracker decorations next to a shelf with lit candles and various other Christmas decorations

He may not be a drummer, but the Nutcracker is an iconic figure of Christmas. For a traditional touch, take a look at our selection of Nutcracker decorations and Nutcracker Russian dolls sets.  

Standing tall in his uniform, a Nutcracker themed gift will be a great addition to any Christmas decoration collection.  

Top tip: Legend has it, the Nutcracker watches over you at Christmas and can bring good luck to your home! 

And those are our top 12 days of Christmas gifts gifting ideas! If you’re in the mood for more Christmas inspiration, check out our other Christmas guides here 




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