Wild Bird Food

Entice your favourite feathered friends to your garden with our fantastic range of wild bird food. From seed to mealworms, we have lots of treats to help bring all types of wildlife into your garden. Browse our collection of bird feed today...

Encourage more birds to visit your garden with Peckish Complete Bird Food

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Our range of bird food can be used either on a table, inside feeders or on ground trays to attract all kinds of peckish birds.

If there’s a certain type you’re looking to charm, our bird seed mixes are designed to attract particular species. From sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts, to peanuts and wild bird seed ideal for blue tits or robins, scatter away and watch your favourites fly in. Fat balls for birds are rich in energy with a mix of suet and seed. Choose from smaller packs for daily feeds, or larger ones in case you’re stocking up.

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