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LED Buying Guide

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is an excellent choice if you are keen to save energy, cut costs and bring bright and excellent quality light into your spaces.

LED lighting is efficient, has a long lifespan and has the unrivalled ability to provide a wonderful quality of light. Because of these excellent features, it has become a hugely popular light source in the home. LED lights can be found in a variety of fittings from the traditional and elegant to the ultra-modern. You can also buy fittings where the LED lighting is integrated into the design of the fitting.


The benefits of buying LED:

Reducing energy costs

LED lighting can save up to 90% energy compared to a traditional bulb of the same light output. An LED light uses far less energy (watt) to produce the same light output (lumen).

For example: a LED bulb uses only 2.5 watts to produce a light output of 115 lumen, while a traditional bulb uses 15 watts, which is 6 times more energy, to produce the same lumen output. LEDs therefore achieve the same light output as a traditional bulb yet they use less energy which means you will save on your electricity bill.


Long lasting

LED light sources last longer; you won’t need to change LED bulbs as frequently which will reduce waste and save money in the long term.

An LED light source can last 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs. A conventional bulb lasts for about 2,000 hours and LED lighting could last for 20,000 hours, the equivalent of 20 years.


Environmental impact

LED lights use less energy and produce fewer CO2 emissions than traditional light sources. Additionally, LED lights do not contain filaments, mercury, UV or pollutants.


Practical advantages and durability

LED lights generate very little heat. As they stay cool, they are ideal for use in children’s bedrooms, or as ceiling lights. Also, as LEDs do not get hot, the money you spend on running them will all go into the light rather than generating heat. LEDs are more durable than other technologies and do not contain fragile parts. This makes them safe to use for almost all applications and in most environments.


Integrated LED lighting

LED lighting is available as individual light bulbs that you fix into a fitting yourself. You can also buy light fittings with the LED bulbs already integrated.

Whilst integrated lighting fixtures can simplify the installation of your lighting system you will need to replace the entire fitting if the integrated light source fails.


Facts about LED lighting

LED bulbs do last a lot longer than the average light bulb yet they won’t last forever. Like all light sources, they eventually fade over time and will need replacing eventually.

Although the initial cost of a LED bulb is higher than that of a traditional light bulb, in the long term you save money because the running costs are lower and the bulb only needs LED lights shine with their full light output almost instantly after switching them on, they don’t need to warm up to shine at their maximum.

Not all LED light-bulbs are designed to dim. If you want to use a dimmer, choose lamps that indicate that they can be dimmed.

LED bulbs are available in an array of shades of white from warm yellow through to cool blue.



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