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The Best BBQ Accessories

BBQ accessories

There’s no denying we are a nation that loves firing up the barbecue. While your BBQ grill is an obvious must-have tool to get you started, it’s just as important to have the best BBQ accessories by your side to take your cooking to the next level.

Along with some hints and tips, we’ve compiled our recommendations for the BBQ tools you should be using when grilling al fresco.


Large BBQ

First things first

Lighting a charcoal BBQ is simple – when you’ve got the right tools.

A charcoal starter is one of the best BBQ accessories to have – it will do all the hard work for you. Simply fill the base with charcoal and add some fire lighters to your lower grill, lighting them with a windproof lighter.

Then it’s just a case of placing the starter on top of the fire and waiting 20-30 minutes for the charcoal pieces to turn white – that’s when you know they’re at the right temperature. Give them a try, you’ll never look back.

Safety is always a priority

BBQ apron

Once you can see the flames twinkling away, it’s time to make sure you’re protected from any possible cooking-related injuries. The best way to avoid any of the dangers of working with an open flame is to get yourself an apron and glove set. The gloves are a particularly useful BBQ accessory – no-one wants to burn their hands and drop food en-route to the table!




Cook for all requirements at the same time

Grill tray

Without the correct BBQ accessories, when it comes to anyone with dietary requirements, you would have to clean the grill to avoid any potential cross-contamination.

We say cook smarter, not harder, with the best BBQ tools.

Try using grill trays to keep foods separated appropriately; there’s grills specially crafted for fish, roasting racks for ribs and grill toppers that are ideal for veg. And we haven’t forgotten burgers either, flip them perfectly with a large spatula.

Grill to perfection

To ensure all the food you are preparing comes out perfect, consider using a thermometer – this way you can monitor grilling conditions and ensure you’re left with a well-cooked meal at the end. For larger pieces of meat, kebabs or whole chickens, consider using a rotating cooking utensil for the most even cook.

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Serve with excellence

BBQ food

Sometimes certain foods require a certain set of BBQ tools. For example, when it comes to a tough piece of meat, using a high quality carving knife will stop everyone fighting for the best cuts.

When barbecuing, you always hope the weather is good enough to be able to enjoy your food outside. Make sure your food stays free of any falling leaves or little critters while on the table with a food protector.

Prepare the BBQ for another day

It’s easy to get caught up in social aspect of hosting a BBQ and forget about the cleaning up duties.

But thanks to a range of BBQ cleaning accessories, keeping on top of things so your grill is ready for its next use just got a whole lot easier.

The best thing you can do once you’ve finished cooking is to use a strong headed cleaning brush to scrape any scorched food right off the grill. Once the grill is free of any leftover debris, use a BBQ cleaning spray to remove any grease or fat stains.

Finally, a BBQ cover is a must to protect your grill from water, frost and snow if you don’t have proper storage.

Now you’ve got all the best BBQ accessories, maybe your BBQ is in need of an upgrade? Check out our BBQ Buying Guide for help on deciding which one to go for next.



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