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Assisted Living

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Our products are constructed using the highest quality materials and are subjected to comprehensive quality and safety testing. All Evacare branded products are supported by a 15-year warranty.

The range

Our independent living range is built up of many living aids that enable you to maintain your independence. Unfortunately, most accidents occur at home and our range aims to reduce these chances by offering products that can blend into your bathroom, mixing functionality with style. There are a variety of products in the range that can support you in making your bathroom a safer place to be.

Grab Rails

A grab rail is a reinforced hand rail designed to withstand a large amount of weight. Grab rails offer sturdy support for individuals moving around bathrooms with the aim of reducing the risk of accidents. They can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally as necessary. You may wish to install a grab rail in the following places:

  • Around the toilet to support your stability, allowing individuals to ease on and off the toilet
  • Around the shower or bath, where excess water can create slippery surfaces

Grab rails are no longer an eyesore in the bathroom. Our range includes rails in stainless steel, ABS plastic, chrome, white, polished stainless steel and matte black and come in sizes ranging from 300mm up to 600mm. We also offer two different hinged grab rails – one ABS plastic and one stainless steel – ideal for multi-user bathrooms where shared space is essential.

Multiple Feature Grab Rails

Our multiple feature grab rails are incorporated into your standard bathroom fixtures. This maintains style as well as functionality. These include a range of wall mounted accessories, (including a toilet roll holder and towel rail), a riser rail kit for your shower as well as corner and straight storage shelves for your bath or shower. All of these products still have a 100KG maximum weight limit to maintain safety whilst keeping your bathroom stylish.

Tap Lever Handles

Our range of extended tap handles can simply make life easier for anyone. The extended lever is designed to provide greater hand and palm control with the advantage of a longer lever for easy reach and operating, making the task of turning your tap that much easier. We offer two tap lever handles, one for a 35mm cartridge, the other for a 40mm cartridge, meaning that our handle offering should fit the large majority of bathroom and kitchen mixer taps. The handles are extremely easy to install and the process should be relatively simple for an avid DIYer. Simply remove your current handle, slip the extended handle on to the cartridge and tighten with the hex key provided.

Toilet and Toilet Aids

We have a range of products to assist individuals in using the toilet. Stability and slow movements are crucial for those who have limited leg strength or people that struggle standing from a seated position.

To assist with this, we have the Evacare Toilet Safety Frame, a freestanding, robust and lightweight frame that surrounds the toilet. The frame has soft padded handles to aid the lowering and rising from the toilet. We also offer a raised toilet seat, which unlike most independent toilet seat designs is still discreet in style, whilst still having a 50mm raise to assist in sitting down and getting up from the toilet.

Bath and Showering Aids

We offer a range of bathing and showering aids, from bath steps to foldaway seats for your shower. Washing areas are perhaps the most hazardous part of your bathroom for the obvious reason that when these areas get wet they naturally become more slippery.


Independent living baths are great, but they are unfortunately extremely expensive. We offer a range of more reasonably priced solutions that will assist you in making the most of your current bathroom without having to renovate the space at high expense. We offer two different steps to assist individuals getting into the bath: a non-slip blue plastic step boasting an extra 100mm boost with the colour being a contrast for those with poorer eyesight. The second, a white plastic and aluminium step, which has an adjustable height between 210mm and 260mm and also has rubber non-slip legs.

For extra support, we also offer a transfer seat which can be raised or lowered as necessary. The back rest is also reversible for left or right-hand access, making it suitable for most baths.

For inside the bath, we also offer a suspended bath seat (which doubles up as a foot rest!) and an adjustable shower seat.


If you prefer to shower over bathing, we have a number of temporary and permanent products to support. Our permanent wall mounted shower chair is designed with anti-corrosive materials and folds away for multi-share bathrooms. We offer two different temporary seating options for showering, one being an adjustable seat and the other an adjustable chair. Both products are lightweight, portable, have adjustable heights, rubber non-slip feet and have drainage holes to stop the build-up of water.



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