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Paint Brushes

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It’s time to choose the perfect paint brush for your next project. In our collection you’ll find a wide range of paint brushes and brush sets, from cutting in to fence paint brushes, long handled to angled, you're sure to find the best paint brush for the job.

Achieve professional looking results and a smooth finish with a paint brush from Homebase. Plus, with long handled paint brushes and paint brush extenders you can achieve even paint coverage in any space.

A quality interior paint brush is essential for getting stuck into DIY jobs. We have a range of sizes, from small paint brushes to target those smaller, fiddly sections to wide paint brushes that offer maximum coverage. For larger areas, you can use paint brushes to cut in and then a paint roller to coat surfaces quicker. If it’s your outside spaces that need a new look or treatment, a specialised exterior brush is the best option. Care for outdoor furniture, decking and fences with specialist paint brushes or upgrade brickwork with a masonry brush.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean paint brushes?

Painting can be a fun but messy home project. Once you have finished using paint brushes and rollers, it's important to clean them properly. To do this, you should: 

1. Rinse paint brushes in clean water to remove excess paint.

2. Place the brush in a container filled with brush cleaner, swish it around, then let it soak. 

3. After 10-15 minutes, use an old toothbrush to remove any remaining paint from the paint brush. 

4. Rinse the brush in water then hang it to dry, ensuring that the bristles are pointing down.

What paint brushes do I need for my painting project?

Different types of paint brushes are suitable for different projects. Read our paint brush buying guide to discover what brushes you need.