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How To Rotovate Your Lawn

These tasks may be tricky so will suit you if you’re experienced in DIY, or simply love a challenge. Before you get started on any of our ‘how to’ guides, please take a moment to read through our DIY safety tips.

Before you lay turf or plant seed you’ll need to prepare your soil by rotovating it.

What you’ll need:

  1. Get rid of the weeds

    Before you begin, take time to treat the area with a biodegradable weed killer. It may take a couple of weeks to take effect.
  2. Clear the ground

    Once the weeds are dead, clear the area of all debris including weed remnants and large stones.
  3. Loosen the soil

    For small areas, loosen the soil with a garden fork, then rake it with a soil rake until it’s even. For larger areas, use a powered rotovator and rake smooth afterwards.
  4. Remove any debris and stones

    Walk up and down in alternate parallel lines loosening the surface of the soil. Remove any large stones or debris as you go.
  5. Add some top soil

    To plant new grass seed or turf, you’ll need to add a fine layer of top soil to the surface of the freshly rotovated soil, then lightly rake it until it’s even.
  6. Let the ground settle

    Before laying any turf or sprinkling seed, allow the ground to settle. Lumps and holes may appear and you can fill these by adding more top soil.



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