The perfect bedroom retreat

Create a cosy retreat

A bedroom should provide a restful atmosphere for sleep. Choose warm hues of grey, lilac, blush or taupe to create a cosy retreat and accent with pops of more vibrant colours to lift the energy. Use metallic wallpapers and accessories to accentuate and catch the light. Layer your bed with good quality linens, blankets and sumptuous textures.

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Bedroom ideas

Products featured: Kelly Happen Geo Wallpaper and Lexi Chrome Desk Lamp. The cream cushions are available in stores only.

Lighting in the bedroom

Use a flexible lighting scheme in the bedroom, to allow for relaxation in the evenings and task lighting to get ready for the day. Use dimmable light fittings and side lamps or floor lamps for creating an intimate ambience. A metallic tray with lanterns and candles at the bedside will give a warming glow. Install drop pendant lights either side of the mirror to elegantly illuminate your dressing table.

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Bedroom ideas

Products featured: Fresco Wood Plank Neutral WallpaperWhite Skandi Style Lantern (sprayed with Rust-Oleum Bright Copper Spray Paint) and 9 Fresh Linen Tealights.

Lavish rugs

Many people choose carpet as the cosiest bedroom flooring option. However, a hard, timber floor makes the room feel larger and, lavished with thick rugs, it will feel cosy. Position smaller rugs either side of the bed and under the dressing table, or choose one large rug to sit under the bed, showing by at least a metre on each side.

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Bedroom ideas

Products featured: Fresco Wood Plank Neutral Wallpaper and Oval Metal Wire Willow Basket. The Sheepskin rug is available in stores only.

The distressed look

To create a focal point and add warmth to your bedroom, transform the wall behind the bed with natural or distressed painted timber cladding.

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Bedroom ideas

Products featured: Fresco Wood Plank Neutral Wallpaper and Elsie Dove Grey Desk Lamp. The grey cushions are available in stores only.



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