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5 Bedroom Ideas for Kids

an image of a child's bunk bed filled with cosy cushions and a throw

With schools out, half-term is the perfect time to give your kid’s bedroom a makeover!

Designing and revamping your kid’s bedroom should be a project that you work on together – so you can create a functional and playful space they can call their own.

Need some inspiration and advice on how to get started? We’ve put together five children’s bedroom ideas to help kickstart your half-term project.

1. Pick a theme for your children’s bedroom

Whether you want to base your kid’s bedroom on something related to their hobbies, their current favourite animal or movie series, there are plenty of fun and creative themes to create a colour palette with.

Here are some of our favourites:
• Dinosaur themed, with the help of a green colour palette and roar-some bedding
• Dark blues and fairy night-lights for an astronomy-themed bedroom
• Modern monochrome that they can grow into, with greys and whites

Top tip: To maintain a cohesive theme throughout their bedroom – while allowing the children to still get involved – only show them colours and pieces of furniture that can be mixed and matched together – we won’t tell!

2. Kids’ room paint ideas

Paint scallop edging Pink painted scalloped borders in a child's bedroom

We all know that most childhood obsessions can be fleeting. That’s why a feature wall can be a fantastic way to add personality and character to your kid’s bedroom, as they’ll still appreciate it as they get older!

To create a scalloped wall border, you’ll need:
• A spirit level and measuring tape
• Pencil
• Paint and a paint brush
• Masking tape
• A large plate or bowl (or similar round object)

Once you have these:

  1. Decide whether you want your scallop edging to point downwards or up towards the ceiling –
    and use a pencil and spirit level to draw a straight line around the whole area you are going to
    paint. Use your spirit level and measuring tape to keep checking that that your lines are straight
    and even.
  2. Take your plate or bowl and mark the halfway point on it with some masking tape to ensure
    your scallops remain the same size throughout.
  3. Place where the tape marker of your plate is onto the straight line you have drawn on the wall
    and draw another pencil line around the top of the plate. Repeat along the whole border.
  4. If you meet any corners, use a cardboard template, so you can bend it into or around the corner
    to keep your pattern consistent.
  5. Once you’ve completed the pattern, it’s time to start painting! Start with the tricky bits, cutting
    in edges first. Ensure the paint is dry before completing a second coat.

Or, take a shortcut and use wallpaper instead. We have lots of wallpaper suitable for a children’s bedroom, such as Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, Outer Space Glow in the Dark, Woodland Animals, and Colourful Rainbows.

Use chalkboard paint

Let your kids create something new every day, with our magnetic chalkboard paint. Not only will it give your children plenty of creative freedom, but its magnetic properties allow you to attach your chalk colours to it, along with any other bits and bobs that would otherwise be lying around.

Discover how to seal and prime chalkboard paint here.

Top tip: If you want to create a pattern or different shapes on a budget, use sample pots of colour! 

3. Choose some storage options for your child’s bedroom

When it comes to children’s room ideas, less is more! cubed storage with fun inserts for a children's bedroom

By keeping the layout simple with plenty of storage, your kids will have more space to play. Storage options like boxes under the bed, divider inserts and ottomans are all great places to start.

Don’t forget to make use of your vertical space with floating shelves or ladder storage. By grouping items in various places, you can teach your children the importance of organisation and keeping their own bedroom tidy.

Top tip: Fitted bedroom furniture makes for a great investment, as your kids will only continue to accumulate more things as they get older!

4. Create a play area in your children’s room

Most kids’ bedrooms also double up as a playroom, so create a dedicated area they can escape to and let their imaginations run wild.

A reading nook with a bookcase full of colourful books is a terrific way to encourage reading and liven up a neutral bedroom. Create a cosy pile of squishy cushions, or a beanbag with a soft rug, and make sure the area is well lit.

If your child likes to play dress up, you could upcycle a small wardrobe or chest of drawers to become a ‘dressing-up area’.

Simply sand down the surfaces and add some fun paint and wallpaper to its interior.

Replace old drawer knobs with funky new ones and add a wardrobe rail that your child can reach. Finally, decorate the sides of it with your child’s artwork to give them a visual reminder of their
creativity and talent!

5. Add some of your kid’s personality to their bedroom with accessories

Now it’s time to add those simple accessories that will really give your kid’s bedroom a little extra magic.

Lighting – whether that be with wall lights, string lights or lamps – will help you create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere for bedtime. Plus, adding houseplants is a fantastic way to encourage kids to take care of something, while also adding a touch of greenery for a relaxing feel.

Getting your kids to choose their own duvet set is another way to let them express their personality, and adding in a desk and chair will provide older children with a place to do their homework.

Top tip: Fairy lights and some Command decorating clips will help you create fun shapes on your kid’s bedroom wall – such as stars and moons.

And those are our children’s bedroom ideas for a half-term makeover! Don’t forget to share your before and afters with us by tagging @Homebase_UK on Instagram. Discover more of our home & storage ideas right here.



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