How to prepare for guests at Christmas

How to prepare for guests at Christmas

Christmas is always a really social season, so it's important to make sure your home is ready to welcome its guests. Follow our few tips to prepare for the Christmas crowd, so you can confidently invite your friends, family and neighbours to enjoy the festivities with you.

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First impressions

Clear your hallway of its usual clutter, adding extra hooks for your guests to hang their own coats. A small rug or welcome mat will ensure no one's bringing in mud or snow from outside, and you should prepare a small area where everyone can store any heavy boots they've arrived in.

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Room makeovers

You can refresh and reinvigorate a room by simply adding pictures and ornaments, or by hanging new curtains or blinds. Lamps can also brighten up dark corners and add a welcoming feel, while fresh towels and toiletries are a must for your guests at Christmas.

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How to prepare for guests 


Space for everyone

Foldable garden chairs are a great way of providing extra seating, while small, collapsible tables can give children their own special place to eat dinner. If people are staying over at Christmas, a sofa bed is ideal if the spare room's already in use, and simple sleeping bags can enhance a child's sense of adventure and excitement.


Prepare the spare room

New bedding, pillows and a brightly coloured rug will immediately smarten up your spare room, but the addition of a large storage box will show your guests they have somewhere particular to store their things to keep them safe.

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How to prepare for guests 


A dash of DIY

Modern paints are remarkably easy to apply and wallpapering is so much easier than it used to be. If you've got any jobs that you've been putting off, just grab some power tools to get it done quickly and properly in time for Christmas.

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Safe, not sorry

Make sure your garden pathways and doorsteps are well lit to stop any trips or stumbles in the dark winter, and if you do it with Christmas lights it'll add to the magic. Equally, consider our advice on securing your home to make sure you're not welcoming any opportunistic burglars.

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