How to care for your Christmas tree

When the festive season is in full flow, there’s nothing quite like having a real Christmas tree in your home, filling your house with that magical fragrant scent that immediately gets you into the spirit of the season. Help ensure your centrepiece stays fresh throughout the festive season by following our simple tips on how to care for your Christmas tree.

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Here's how to care for your Christmas tree

  1. Find the ideal spot
  2. Prepare your tree
  3. Maintain your tree

1. Find the ideal spot

With all the care and attention that’s gone into decorating, you want to show off your Christmas tree to everyone who comes into your house. Put it in a room you spend a lot of time in, so your family and guests can admire it and enjoy the scent of a real tree, being washed away by the festive spirit. Think about positioning it in front of a window so people can appreciate it from outside too.

Clear a space for your new tree, making sure close to a power supply so it’s easy to light. For longevity, make sure to keep tree away from radiators and other direct heat sources to help prevent the needles dropping.

Tip: It’s a good idea to cover the floor underneath your tree. Not only will this help catch any needles that do fall, it will protect your floor from any accidental spillages when you water the tree.

How to care for your Christmas tree


2. Preparing your tree

Once you’ve decided where your tree will be going you’ll need to prepare it for its new home.

When you get your Christmas tree home, saw half an inch off the bottom of the trunk to allow the tree to take up more moisture and stay healthy for longer. Place it in a Christmas tree stand – ideally one that holds water – and make sure your tree is secured and steady to avoid any accidents.

Once you’ve positioned your tree in its stand in an upright position, you can take it out of its netted bag and cut away any dead branches or needles. Make sure you don’t take the tree out of its netting before it’s upright, or it’ll be far more difficult to adjust.

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Care for your tree


3. Maintaining your real tree

An average healthy Christmas tree can absorb up to a gallon of water per day, so frequent watering is crucial. A well-watered tree will lose fewer needles, so top up the water levels in your stand every day, being careful to avoid getting water on the lights and ideally turning off the power before watering.

When needles drop, it’s a good idea to use a brush to sweep them up – as they can clog up your vacuum cleaner.

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Squeeze the most value out of your Christmas tree this year by planting it in your garden once the festive season is over to allow it to continue to flourish. Follow our guide and discover how.

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