How to Build a Storage Bench Seat

an image of a decorated window storage bench seat

Creating a storage bench seat is an ideal how-to project for those wanting a new, cosy perch. The perfect place for curling up with a good book, relaxing with friends or having a little me-time, a window seat with storage will create the perfect place to unwind, while also providing some great hidden organisation space too.  

Let’s get started with what you’ll need… 



1. Plan & measure 

an image of the tools needed to build a storage bench

First, decide on the height and length you want your DIY storage bench seat to be. The average height of a chair is 18 inches high. Sketch a plan of the unit design and measurements of where you want it in your room.  


2. Remove skirting boards  

Next, you may need to remove any skirting boards. This is so you can build your storage bench seat flush to the wall. Mark out the height and length you want your DIY storage bench to be on your wall with a pencil. 


3. Cut your wood to size  

Now it’s time to cut your wood to size. Do this safely and in a well-ventilated space using a mitre or circular saw.  


4. Build the frame  

an image of the storage bench frame

To build the frame of your storage bench, attach a long piece of sawn treated softwood timber to your wall with your drill and screws. This is to form the longest side of the bench. Follow this by attaching the shorter piece of timber that you plan to use to form the corner of your storage bench, to the adjacent wall. Use a spirit level to ensure that they are level before you mount to the wall.  

Make your frames. Start with your end frames and then your front frames for the long side and the short side. (Your short seating side may actually be a similar size frame as it will be pushed up to the wall in the corner). To attach the wood together, use the Kreg pocket hole jig. Drill your holes and use the Kreg screws to attach the wood. The use of the Kreg corner clamp will be very handy here to keep the wood together. Use a wood glue to add that additional fixing. 

5. Join frames together  

Once the frames are made, join them together with both wood glue and long screws to hold it in place. Now it’s time to finish the base of your storage bench seat. Cut a piece of MDF to size and attach it to the front and sides of your timber frame with wood glue, before securing it in place with a nail gun or screws – but don’t attach anything to the top of the frame just yet! 


6. Add the storage space  

an image of hinges being attached to the storage bench

To make your wooden bench seat multi-purpose, let’s add some storage space! Simply attach two hinges to the back piece of timber and secure your MDF lid in place. Follow this by doing the same for the corner seat section. 

Top tip: Don’t forget to ensure your piece of MDF reaches the end of your frame, so your seat is nice and level. Measure twice and cut once for this section! Lining everything up perfectly with the help of your measuring tape and spirit level is vital for a seamless finish. 


7. Time to decorate  

Now your bench seat with storage is complete, it’s time to decorate! You can easily prime and paint the MDF or else add some decorative wooden panels to it. Follow this with some soft cushions, throws and you’re ready to entertain! 

And that’s how to make a window seat with storage! If you’re looking for more half-term projects, check out our other ‘Give It A Go’ projects here. Don’t forget to tag us @Homebase_UK on Instagram to show us your transformations!  




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