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outdoor table with bbq

Whether you’re sprucing up your garden seating area or want to create a beautiful garden design feature, we’ve gathered our favourite outdoor tiling ideas to inspire your next DIY project. From a bespoke BBQ splashback to Mediterranean-inspired porcelain tile patio ideas, transform your outside space with these simple yet striking garden tile ideas.

Tiled BBQ splashback

Some of our best garden memories, whether big family get-togethers or long sunny days spent outside, revolve around the barbecue. Though we always remember these days fondly, we wish that leftover spills and grease stains wouldn’t stick around for quite so long.

For one of our favourite unique splashback ideas, all you need is a selection of porcelain tiles in your favourite colour or pattern and a waterproof tiling adhesive. Simply tile the wall behind, or next to, your barbecue for a durable, wipe-clean and attractive BBQ splashback. Small patterns look particularly impactful, but the options are endless!

If your surface is uneven, apply a levelling agent first and leave to dry overnight. Otherwise, tile as you would any interior wall.

Top tip: To achieve a perfect finish on your tiled BBQ splashback, take a look at our guide to laying floor and wall tiles.

Mediterranean-inspired patio tile ideas

image of outdoor seating

Dappled Summer sunlight on beautiful porcelain tiles – few things beat it. Luckily, you don’t have to jet off to sunnier climes to experience this – recreate it in your own garden with a Mediterranean-inspired tiled patio!

If you’re looking for patio tile ideas for a larger seating area, opt for our 60x60cm outdoor tiles for a low-maintenance, durable and easy-to-install option. Black slate tiles will add a contemporary touch to your outdoor space, while paler rose matt stone or marble-effect tiles will create a more traditional look, reminiscent of a sun-bleached Mediterranean garden.

Top tip: Find the furniture and accessories you need to transform your space with our patio ideas. Our guide to pressure washing a patio will also help to keep your outdoor tiling in top condition all year round.

Play with patterns

While large porcelain tiles work wonderfully for big areas, if you have a smaller seating area (or just more time on your hands), smaller patterned ceramic tiles will add instant interest to outdoor seating, dining and entertaining areas.

Playing with patterns is one of our favourite garden tile ideas and is a great way to add an eclectic touch to an otherwise ordinary outdoor seating area. Reminiscent of grand Moroccan villas and vintage-inspired décor, spruce up an old patio or concrete area with a patterned outdoor tiling feature for a practical and stylish addition to any garden.

Bathroom and kitchen tiles are waterproof and designed to withstand the wear and tear of busy family life. This makes them a brilliant outdoor tiling option too, allowing you to bring your favourite patterns and colours out into the garden.

If you want to know how to lay porcelain tile on concrete patio, ensure that you’re using waterproof adhesive and grout. Follow our guide to laying floor tiles and you’ll be left with a durable, long-lasting and beautiful garden feature!

Top tip: Add a pergola over your tiled area to create a fun outdoor room, perfect for lazy summer days and entertaining guests.

Bring the inside out with a tiled entrance

image of tiles with door entrance

Create continuity and flow between the interior and exterior of your home by

tiling outdoor steps and entrances. Hardwearing and an inviting addition to any home, this outdoor tiling idea works particularly well if you have a tiled hallway, as the same pattern can be continued into your porch or entranceway.

Top tip: If you want to try something a bit different, achieve a unique finish with our tutorial on how to lay a herringbone tile pattern.

A tiled garden table

If you have a garden table that’s seen better days, give it a new lease of life with a beautiful, tiled surface. Practical as well as stunning, its new wipe-clean surface means that you no longer need to worry about spills and stains when hosting family barbecues and outdoor dinner parties.

Simply choose your favourite tiles, create a smooth surface to work on and apply your tiles with a waterproof adhesive.

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And there you have it – you’re ready to try our outdoor tiling ideas for yourself! Visit our garden inspiration hub for more ideas and make sure to share your own garden tile ideas with us @Homebase_UK.



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