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Garden Shed Buying Guide

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Choosing the right shed can be a difficult decision to make – especially when you’re not sure which kind you’re looking for and which features are best suited to your needs. From keeping your garden tools safe to providing a stunning focal point, a garden shed can completely transform your outdoor space. With our garden shed buying guide, we’ll take you through the different types that are available and how to choose the best one for you. 


Before you start  

Any electrical fitting work must be done by a professional. Be sure to read our Safety DIY Tips before attempting shed installation and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re using your shed for storage, store everything away neatly to prevent accidents.  


What to Consider When Buying a Shed 

What size do you need? 

This will depend on your available space. We have a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any area – just be sure to measure up before you buy!  

Is it weatherproof? 

Different materials are suited to different conditions. If your garden is particularly wet or doesn’t have the best drainage, you may want to avoid a natural material like wood and opt for a plastic or metal shed instead. 

Ease of installation 

Many sheds require self-assembly, but as a rule, metal sheds tend to be the most complicated to install due to the component parts and fittings involved. However, we do have sheds that include installation in the price within your Wooden ranges.  

Will it need a mains supply?  

If you want to use your shed as a gym, home office or workshop – you’ll want to have mains installed. This needs to be done by a professional electrician.  

Do you want windows? 

If you’re choosing to store valuable items such as bikes or garden machinery and want to ensure maximum safety and protection, you may not want your shed to have windows or opt for a Security shed with slim windows. However, if you’ll be using your garden shed for potting or other gardening activities, having windows will allow your plants to get the sunlight they need. 

Does it have a base?  

A base is different to the floor of a shed – it sits between the ground and floor to create an even surface. Find durable shed bases here. Generally, Metal sheds don’t come with a floor but there are some options available with floors, but all Wooden and Plastic sheds do come with a floor. 

Is it lockable? 

If the purpose of your garden shed is to protect valuables, make sure it has a lock attachment and that you purchase a lock so that you can be sure your items are always safe. 


  1. Wooden Garden Sheds
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    Wooden Garden Sheds

    Wooden sheds are ideal if you want a rustic and traditional look. Easily customisable, they offer a lot more construction flexibility and can be easily painted. 

    Wood is also a great insulator compared to metal or plastic, so if you will be spending a lot of time in your shed, wood will be the better option.  

    However, installation can be a little more complicated compared to a Plastic shed. If your garden does not have the best drainage or is particularly wet, we recommend opting for a metal or plastic shed instead.   

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  2. Metal Garden Sheds
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    Metal Garden Sheds

    Robust and reliable, metal garden sheds are ideal for providing unbeatable security and protecting your belongings. 

    Metal sheds do need to be treated and maintained to prevent rust. However, unlike wooden sheds which require yearly treatment, this is only required every few years if you have a metal shed. They can be prone to denting, but this is generally only common with very thin metal. You can paint metal sheds, and with a variety of finishes and colours available, you’re sure to find one to suit your outdoor space.   

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  3. Plastic Garden Sheds
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    Plastic Garden Sheds

    Plastic sheds are incredibly easy to install and some of the premium ranges offer high durability. They also require very little equipment to assemble, so are great for those that are short on space.  

    Unlike wood or metal, plastic sheds don’t rust or stain. As a result of this, they require little to no maintenance. Simply use a garden hose to give your plastic shed an occasional clean. Some of the premium ranges from Keter are also paintable if you want to personalise it! Plastic sheds are fade-free and weather resistant. 

    If you are looking to hang anything on the walls, opt for DuoTech and EvoTech ranges from Keter that have stronger walls.  

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    And there you go! That’s our garden shed buying guide. Don’t forget to share your new shed with us @Homebase_UK on Instagram. Discover more about sheds, garden buildings and storage here. 

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