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Garden Storage Ideas

an image of an outdoor garden shed

Is your garden getting crowded with tools, toys and equipment? We’ve got everything you need to enjoy a tidy garden in no time at all. From storage boxes to sheds, we’ve rounded up a great selection of stylish garden storage solutions to choose from – so you can fully enjoy your outdoor space and keep it clutter-free.  


Keep bikes safe and secure 

Whether you’re avoiding indoor mess, or you simply don’t have room, a bike shed is a great way to keep your bikes safe. Say goodbye to muddy, wet floors in the hallway as we have various weather-proof options in a variety of sizes to choose from. Plus, with single or double lock options available, it’s easier than ever to keep your two-wheeler safe and secure all night long. 

Top tip: Don’t forget your shed padlock 


Make room to store your firewood 

If you’ve got a fire pit or wood burner, you’ll need outdoor storage for your logs. Whether you have it delivered or chop it yourself, firewood can take up a lot of room and needs to be protected from damp, as wet wood is almost impossible to burn. 

A log store is the perfect place to store your firewood easily all year round, come rain or shine. Simple to assemble and stunning to look at, our range of log stores come in a variety of colours and sizes and are the perfect accompaniment for any wood-burning home. 

Hide unsightly wheelie bins 

Wheelie bins are an essential part of any home, but they don’t do much for your kerb appeal. If you’re sick of the sight of them when you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors, it’s time to invest in suitable storage. From wood wraparounds to plastic containers, we’ve got a range of wheelie bin storage solutions designed to disguise your bins and easily restore your garden’s style. 

Extra garden storage space 

The traditional option, a garden shed is the perfect solution for getting your garden essentials organised and stored away safely. With plastic, metal and wooden sheds on offer, take a look at our shed buying guide to find your ideal style.   

Space-saving and stylish, tidy away your garden clutter with a sturdy garden storage box. If you have limited space, there’s no need to choose between storage and seating. Enjoy the best of both worlds and turn your storage box into with a multifunctional storage seat by adding a few cushions on top.  

Utilise your garage space 

Often overlooked, the garage is also a great storage space. Store away your tools with garage storage – from shelving units to hooks, you can keep everything organised.  

If you’re looking for heavy-duty storage, our steel storage racks are industrial strength. We also stock secure, lockable cabinets that can easily be mounted to walls to store and protect your most precious tools. 

And that’s all of our outdoor storage ideas. Don’t forget to share your gardens with us @Homebase_UK on Instagram. 



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