Garden Ideas

Garden Storage Ideas

Garden Storage Ideas

If your garden’s getting a little crowded with tools, toys and equipment, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy a tidy garden in no time. From storage boxes to shelving and planters, we’ve rounded up a stunning selection of stylish garden storage ideas to choose from in one handy guide. That way, you can fully enjoy your outdoor space by keeping it clutter-free all Summer long – making space for everything from eating to sunbathing and entertaining.

Give your bike a secure and happy home

Whether you’re avoiding indoor mess, or you simply don’t have the room, a bike shed is a simple and stylish solution for keeping your bicycle in the garden. No more muddy walls or wet floors in the house, just a weather-proof metal, plastic or timber home for your bike to live in. Plus, with single or double locks available, it’s easy to keep your two-wheeler safe and secure overnight.

If you’re looking for classic yet functional bike storage, try our Mercia Overlap Apex Bike Shed, with a traditional timber look that’s long-lasting and easy to look after.


Style up with a stunning storage bench

If you want to upgrade your garden accessories, but are struggling for space outdoors – we’ve got the answer. Forget trying to decide between a garden bench and outdoor storage, just combine the two and enjoy the best of both worlds with a multifunctional storage bench. From the outside, they just look like a cosy garden seat. But lift the lid to reveal surprisingly spacious storage for tools, toys and much more.

For a stylish, practical and durable option, the Rowlinson Plastic Storage Bench comes in a lovely mocha and coffee colour for all of your outdoor storage needs.

Make room to store all your firewood

From fire pits to wood burners or real wood fires, there are many reasons why your home might need firewood. But whether you have it delivered or chop it yourself – you’re still going to need somewhere to store it, and firewood can take up a lot of room. Somewhere dry too, as wet wood is almost impossible to burn. Thankfully, help is at hand.

A log store is the perfect place to store your firewood easily all year round, come rain or shine. Simple to assemble and stunning to look at, our Millport log stores come in a range of beautiful colours too – making them the perfect accompaniment for any wood-burning home.

Bin storage

Turn your wheelie bins from eyesore to easy store

Wheelie bins are an essential part of any home, but they’re not doing much for your kerb appeal. If you’re sick of the sight of them while trying to enjoy some outdoor dining, then it’s time to invest in some suitable storage. From wood wraparounds to metal containers, we’ve got a range of bin storage designed to disguise them and restore your garden decor.

Made from high -quality pinewood, our Pantheon Double Wheelie Bin Store can hide two bins from view with a compact design, convenient lift-up lids for easy access and secure, lockable doors.

Grow a whole new room with your garden shed

The ultimate outdoor storage, garden sheds have been adding an extra dimension to gardens across the nation for hundreds of years – so just imagine what they could do for yours. From tool storage to a plant potting space, children’s playhouse or even a fully-fledged office area, a garden shed can be whatever you need it to be. Take your pick from wood, metal or plastic to upgrade your garden today.

With a whole range of colours and styles to choose from, we’ve got sheds to suit any garden – including the Rowlinson Woodvale Metal Shed, in a gorgeous coffee-coloured wood grain effect for a luscious, low maintenance look.


Give your garden extra storage space

Space saving and stylish, there’s no better way to keep all your garden clutter contained in one place than with a sturdy storage box. From balcony boxes to full corner length, they come in all shapes and sizes – meaning it’s easy to find one to suit your garden, no matter how big or small it is. They come in a range of styles too, so take your pick from plastic, metal or wood.

If you’re looking for quick and convenient option, Keter’s Marvel + Garden Storage Box can store everything from garden tools to garden games in its spacious interior – all while keeping it dry and ventilated too.

Show off your plants in a stylish planter

Nothing brings a garden to life quite like a floral display, which makes a stylish planter the perfect place to store all of your most beautiful blooms. With a huge range of styles, shapes and materials on offer, it couldn’t be simpler to choose a planter to suit your garden’s look – from modular planters with lots of different sections to a trough planter with trellis behind it for climbing plants.

If you want to upgrade your storage style, it’s the ideal time to embrace the trend of vertical gardening with our classically beautiful Four-Tiered Natural Planter, made from Chinese fir wood.


Upcycle old furniture from clutter to garden chic

When your garden furniture is looking tired and run down, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. With upcycling, you can breathe new life into your old furnishings by transforming them into garden storage instead. From bookshelves to wine crates and even bathtubs, there’s no shortage of possibilities for making your fittings into a fresh new garden look. All you need is a lick of paint, a little sand and polish or a fresh set of seeds, and you can create anything from a fun plant display to a tool storage space in no time.

Enjoy easy outdoor dining with a kitchen workstation

If you’re looking to make eating al fresco in your garden a whole lot easier, look no further – an outdoor kitchen workstation could be the answer to your prayers. Whether you’re getting buns and ingredients set up for the BBQ, or topping up glasses between courses, these handy cabinets can give you a sturdy worktop and plenty of drawer and cupboard space for storing the essentials.

For a modern and stylish design, try our Hartington Wooden Outdoor Kitchen. Made with eye-catching Acacia wood, complete the set for space to add a BBQ stand and even an outdoor fridge too.

Garage storage

Make room for your outdoors with garage shelving

There is one space that often gets overlooked for helping with garden storage – the garage. You might keep a lawnmower or paddling pool in yours already, but by adding specially designed storage, you can fit more in than ever before – leaving your garden free for plants and play time. If you’re looking for heavy-duty storage, our steel storage racks are industrial strength – meaning you can keep everything from tools to plant pots safe and secure for years to come.



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